Sunday, November 1, 2015

the twinsies: 12 months old // ONE YEAR


It was such a fantastic birthday week. My mom was in town. Quinn took his first steps. Bryson started balancing. They devoured their cake. It was all so great. I love love love these baby boys so much. They bring me so much joy. i love holding them both at the same time and squeezing them so hard! They are just the cutest little boys, I couldn't love them more.

But let's talk about anything new in the past month and where they are now at 12 months!

Both boys can go up and down the stairs completely by themselves, hallelujah. No more baby gates or worrying if a baby is falling down! Yahoo!

Both love to empty the wipes bag when they find it and eat any tissue they find, they usually stare at me when they're eating paper or tissues those cute little stinkers.

They're eating has calmed down a little, not constantly stuffing their faces, ha. They transitioned to whole milk about a week before their birthday because i was so sick of formula, I was just DONE, they didn't mind a bit other than it was just a teeny tiny too cold but the microwave worked fine. 

They both LOVE Max, love to follow him around, play with his toys, be tickled by him, Max is always making them laugh (and hurting them, let's be honest). 

Both boys LOVE clapping when you say yay! They're so enthusiastic about it.

They both sign all done and sometimes more and sometimes they wave hi/bye. We're working on please for now!

Quinn took his first step the day before his birthday to Casey! I saw him take his first step on his birthday, very appropriate celebration. He has the funniest little stink face where he pushes his lips out and scrunches his nose up, I love it so much. He got tubes in his ears last month.

Height: 31 in // 90%ile
Weight: 26 lb 5 oz // 95%ile
Head: 18 in // 75%ile

Bryson still yell-screams very loudly often. That boy is vocal. He can totally balance but refuses to most of the time, it's funny.  He's a little bit more cuddly of the two.

Height: 31 in // 97%ile
Weight: 26 lb 10 oz // 97%ile
Head: 18 in // 75%ile

Here's pictures! I'm learning how to use Lightroom, and my pictures are a little blurry when I exported them, sigh :(

 turning around more interested in Max having his fit in the background.

 Love this Quinny boy!


Happy birthday my cute baby boys!

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Cherri said...

HAPPY HAPPY B DAY to the cutest twins ever.....