Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a huge monster catch up of picturas de IFono

This boy makes me laugh so much. For preschool one day they all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Max went as Superman (in his PJ's because that sounded bomb in my mind). He was making me laugh much too much.
 box playing
 the babies wanted to badly to get in the box that Max insisted I put on the couch so they could indeed not get into the box.
 hello beautiful creation!
 Max has become EONS more obedient when it comes to playing outside, bless his heart HE IS LISTENING.
 Did I post this? I don't think I did. We loved have Casey's family visit us!!!!
 Took them to good old Honest Abe's

 Nature walk pre-church to find what Heavenly Father created.
 Our buff's the Christophersons visited that weekend too. Man I sure miss that Katie girl!!!!!
 Max was pretty pumped to see Julie and Grace!

 Max and I went on a little day one Saturday to see the movie Inside Out 1) That was his first theater experience for him, he did stellar, almost too good 2) the lazy boy seats were SOOO comfortable! That is the only way I'm going to see movies from now on. Max loved pushing the buttons to recline them a little too much.
 Super Max!
 Went to the taco place in town called Como Se Taco, it was delicious! Tacos inspired from around the world, the flavors were amazing!
 amy cute twinsies! QB
 Preschool! This was the first day we did it together (we have 4 moms, 5 kids, so we each teach once a month on Mondays for a 1-1.5 hour class. The kids really enjoy it, especially being together and doing fun things out of a normal routine! For this class it was the letter T for transportation.
 Playing their own green light red light (or really more like holding up the right color when I said a word, ha)
 View from the back of the car, man we are a full car, ha, I love that we have them all sit next to each other.
 Max has very much been into painting lately. Usually once a week we'll get out the water colors, I'll draw him a hideous master piece (he always asks for a cow, I need to naturally learn how to draw a normal looking cow).
 Cranky babies when I'm cranky and sick. So hard to be a mom when you're not feeling great!
 We watched a friend's baby for a few hours one day. Quinn was VERY interested in the baby, it was darling. Quinn insisted on being held if I was holding the baby so to the rocking chair we went. Once Bryson woke up it was the ultimate game of keep away from those two.
 1. Tired babies are so cute. 2. I love looking up at the big beautiful sky!
 1. When laundry is long overdue, it stinks 2. This green area of Lincoln is sure beautiful!
 Potty training for a day. Day 2 Max didn't care anymore so I was like "eh, that's fine"
 A few friends have asked how I do my crown braid. Since parts of my hair is shorter from layers and my hair isn't super long anyways I do two dutch braids at opposite ends, pancake the braid, and pin around the head!
 1. Apple crisp with Max (I used the candy apple pie recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe, delicious! 2. Prepping for the babies birthday, it's in ONE WEEK!
 Maxson's "pet nake"
 1. Post Quinn's ear tube surgery 2. Bryson very upset because he's too tire at figuring out how to go down the stairs anymore, ha. As of this week both babies can go down the stairs, GLORIES!
 Katie went to como se taco with me! Yahoo! Her and I went to Goodwill and found some sweet Halloween costume accessory parts!!


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