Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Apple Jack Festival 2015

We trekked our way out to Kimmel Orchard last weekend to enjoy their apple picking season! So technically festival isn't until next weekend but a few of friends decided the weekend before would be a good choice since it would be WAY less crowded and the apples weren't picked over. Boy were we correct!!! The weather was AMAZING. Like the most ideal welcome fall weather, the morning was quite chilly, like babies in sweat pants and sweat shirts and then the afternoon was nice and warm and enjoyable. The crispness in the air was THERE! To go along perfectly with the crisp apples! 

We talked our buff Katie into joining us. Have I talked about how much of a lifesaver she is? She truly has become like a family member to us, we love having her around, Max knows her as aunt Katie and has yelled "katie's home!" when she comes in the door, it's so sweet. She helps with kids tremendously, makes Casey and I laugh, shares with me more about dental school than I ever hear from Casey, helps clean, and is just an overall best friend to our family. We are already so sad over the fact that we'll move away from each other after this year :(

 The barn is just FILLED with practically homemade goodies everywhere, it seems so cozy with all the homegrown varieties.

 Our awesome 2015 crew!
 Quinn was stoked to go apple picking, as you can see.
 We got doughnuts before we went into the orchard because the doughnuts are pretty much the main reason we go.
 The group helped us devour them before picking began.

 I LOVE this new diaper bag of ours! It's by colorland and is such a comfortable backpack! I wish it had tons more pockets like my other one (not old or last because I still use it!) but it is just such a freaking comfortable backpack.
 Couldn't survive with out ergo carriers! We get them new off eBay for half the price. Gotta have two for twins, we use them all the time!
 Maxson and James were so adorable the whole time. They were running wild and so beyond happy to be running free with each other and not constantly have parents yelling at them to come back. I SLIGHTLY understand how the pioneers survived, ha.
 We found the grape vines!

 The grapes weren't as mind-blowing as our first year but still fun to squirt in your mouth.
 Apple trying begins! We bring a pocket knife and cut into the apples for everyone to try to decide which variety is our favorite to take home!
 The Honey crisp were of course the crowd favorite. Casey really like the Fuji ones and myself the Jonathan Golds. Max wouldn't try a bite and the babies devoured each slice.
 Some of our cute friends and their little families!

Max was very upset to take a picture.
 Once I gave him the choice to "be happy and take a picture with mommy and keep picking apples" "or be mad and stop picking apples" he chose to happily take a picture with me. Fascinating how kids make their OWN choices, right?!
 Oh hey photo bombers thanks for ruining my cute picture with my 2 year old.
 Trying to take a sweet picture feeding my baby in the orchard
 Much better
 Waiting to take the tractor ride back to the big red barn.
 Our awesome crew.
 Love this family of mine!

 We then bought another dozen doughnuts to come home with us because, hello, they're that yummy.The hot ones are just out of this world.
 The drive home was beautiful!!!!!! Those Nebraska backroads are beautiful!

See our 2013 and 2014 visits to Apple jack festival too! I was INSANELY ginormous last year, I still can't believe how large I was.

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Cherri said...

It was fun to see that Aly is preg at the Farm 2015 like you were last year at the farm! Who woulda guessed