Wednesday, September 2, 2015

the beach! {part 3} peacock farm and beach bonfire

It was either day 3 or 4 when we all needed a break from pure beach fun but didn't want to be too lazy just sitting at the time share We ventured off to a "peacock farm." It was on an old ranch in an area close by once owned by some famous movie star I don't remember his name. It was fun seeing these large beautiful peacocks and fun old buildings all over the place. We even saw some cool albino peacocks!

Gloriously beautiful sunset out our balcony.
Back to the beach! Q

I loved this little series of Bryson who was very curious about this red buck. He army crawled his way around the sand all week, too cute. He was DIRTY!

Loving the water!
Bryson watching Casy and Max in the distance with way low tide!

Babies constantly look down while we take photos, too funny.

On Logan and Blair's last night we made our way down to the beach for our traditional pizza and fire on the beach, it's one of my most favorite memories for sure. Did it every year growing up with our family and cousins if they were around! It's so cozy being in the sand, the waves crashing behind you, eating pizza, being warmed by the fire, while the ocean breeze brings in the slightest chill. It's heavenly I tell you. My mother did freaking awesome preparation this year by bringing her OWN fire pit  from Arizona since they're so hard to find on the beach! Plus glow sticks for the kids when it got dark. It was just so much darn fun. I just wish we could have lasted longer out there with the babies and sleep time!

These boys and eating, once again, it was actually super convenient having them eat just on the floor! They could practically pick up the stuff from the floor themselves when they dropped it!

Annalee, Phoebe, Ruthie
You could always find someone on the balcony at nearly every time of the day enjoying the beach front view.

Last beach pictures tomorrow! The hodge podge from everyone's phones!

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