Tuesday, September 1, 2015

the twinsies: 10 months old!

These boys just get better and better. Their playfulness with others has increased 10 fold in the last month. They laugh at each other while playing, they laugh at Max, they laugh when we do silly things to them. They purposely take toys from each other and the other boy SQUEAL-YELLS in determined frustration that he will not lose this battle again.


They're crawling like hawks everywhere, climbing up on everything and everyone. Stairs are their bff, except the going down part, we haven't worked on that yet.

By far their favorite toys are the blocks. They sit their with huge smiles on their faces giddy to destroy the next tower that is built sometimes it only takes 2 blocks  until they can't stand it anymore or 8. They LOVE the blocks. Last night our friend Katie began balancing them on their heads and they thought that was the funnest thing ever, Bryson especially was giggly so much.

Still eating like monsters! Oh how they love it, there's no food they are unwilling to eat (hello extreme opposite of Maxson's current eating situation!). I still nurse them but I see us phasing out. I don't really have much milk at all during the daytime it seems even though I still nurse them. The morning times there's plenty and they're happy but it's slowly phasing out. Honestly, I am amazed I'm still nursing these babies at 10 months with how little my milk supply was/is. But hey, if it's working! Miracles exist, ha!

They each have 2 little teeth! They came in around 9 1/2 months. Each got their 2 teeth in the same week we were in California and were pretty grumpy babies, it was pretty sad. Bryson got his tooth first, the Quinn got 2, and then Bryson got one more! Fun that it happened the same week!

We've combatted some bad diaper rashes in the past month and learned how to handles them ourselves finally to keep them under control when they start.

Both twinsies had ear infections in the past 2-3 weeks, poor Bryson showed SERIOUS painful symptoms for days, it was so sad, it seemed like the tylenol wasn't doing a thing. WIth all the ear infections our family has been through, this one on Bryson was the first to show extreme pain. So so so sad.

They're clapping all the time and it's so cute. Usually if you say an excited "yay!" They'll start happily clapping. Once I verbally tell them good job for clapping Max starts clapping and says "Max clap too!" Ha, oh that cute kid, and then I praise him for clapping as well.

They say "mama" all the time in a crying mode when they are un happy, they like say "dada" for fun in the car over and over, and I started hearing and audible "bah bah" today when I brought them their bottles!

We switched them to new carseats this week, can't wait to turn them forward facing once they are 1!

I'd say he's my overall more outgoing baby. Very easy to smile and laugh and explore and go etc. He's bare crawling down hills these days and can't wait to see what's new

Bryson is a little bit more cuddly. A little bit more content with snuggling with you or even a stranger. He's been a bit more emotional and favoring me lately with his teeth and ear infections.

They're both still like these massive 25 lb babies, it's crazy

They're in size 4 diapers during the day and 5 at night

Size 12-24 month clothing.

(I'm writing this on Sept 1st right now and realizing NEXT MONTH they are going to be one years old! How in the world!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!)

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