Monday, September 7, 2015

BYU vs Nebraska aka the most intensely awesome game ever

We have looked forward to this game for THREE years now! Ever since we got into Nebraska 3 years ago we knew they were scheduled to play each other in Nebraska and we were stoked for it. Each year leading up we said "oh it will be so fun our senior year when BYU comes to play!" "in just a couple years BYU will be here to play" "NEXT year BYU will be here to play!" and then we FINALLY WENT TO THE GAME!
 You guys it was as epically awesome as you can imagine if you were watching it on TV. To be the teeny tiny minority in that stadium up red and WIN THE GAME ON THE FINAL SECOND!? It was unreal!

The whole family sporting our best BYU T-shirts. We sang the fight song all week long to Max.

Let's start from the beginning.

Casey's parents came into town for the game WOOP WOOP! We loved having an excuse to get them to come out to see us and we even got lucky and Karlee joined along for the ride even though she didn't get a ticket for the game. It was so much stinking fun.

It was hot as Hades that day. So humid. So hot. So many people. Luckily there was slight cloud coverage during the first half and a good breeze the entire game that kept us alive. But still, oh man, it was so flipping hot.

That is the WORST stadium for traffic flow of getting people in the gate and to their seats. We waited forever in the hottest most humid tunnel packed like sardines trying to get from underneath to the top section of our stadium seats. Never will I ever again. But, on the topic of the stadium, that stadium is impressive with its sheer size and NEVER ENDING OCEAN of red (see picture below!). I never knew the power of an intimidating team/home town advantage until I was the visiting team in the Husker stadium. Oh my heck. Lavell Edwards stadium/fans definitely have something to learn from that once IN the stadium.

People keep asking if BYU had a good turn out. I'm not really sure how to answer that. See all this red? There were those two sections of blue across from us and our section that was blue and then of course some blue sprinkled through out but overall RED everywhere.  Nebraska loves their football, it's their thing. So of a stadium of 89, 595 there was 2000-4000?

The game ws pretty awesome overall. Lots of highs and lows for both teams which is truly the way it should be. It was an EXCITING game! There was no clear winner the whole time. They were ahead, we were ahead, they were ahead, we were close, they got further away, WE CAUGHT UP AND WON. It was amazing! AMAZING!!!

We were in a little visitors section at the very top of the Northeast section surrounded by BYU fans (actually the people behind us was a little row of Nebraska fans and that was so totally annoying, oh well). We became friends with the older couples sitting in front of us, they were very fun to talk to throughout it.
 I tried to take a picture of our BYU section, I looked to the right (picture below) and it was a ton of blue Y's to be seen. I looked to the left (picture above) and it was a bunch of red, ha

It was just oh SO great to be cheering on those BYU cougars once more in person at a football game. Singing that BYU fight song with gusto and passion and happiness wearing that cougar blue and Y's on hats. A few times during the game I wanted to cry thinking about how much fun and how awesome those 4 years at BYU were, those were 4 fast amazing fun filled years that I would do over in a heart beat. Motherhood and life now is amazing and so fun, don't get me wrong and I wouldn't currently change my situation (ok, I would have a fenced in backyard at least) but those 4 years at BYU were something else, something so special only a BYU alum can tell you about. The spirit of the Y truly does exist in hearts all around the nation! Now back to the game…

Max practicing his tackle skills on babies...
 I read the BYU Magazine during half time. Loved the article on the cougarettes vs the rugby team.

I felt like such a rude fan whooping and hollering out of the stadium while 99% of the other people walking around me were feeling the exact opposite emotion. I wasn't trying to rub it in their face I was just GENUINELY STOKED TO BE THERE IN PERSON ROOTING FOR THEM COUGARS AND SEEING THAT HAIL MARY PLAY IN LIVE ACTION AND WIN THE GAME. Man oh man. Talk about a game to remember!

That evening we were able to talk our good friend Quin Kimball into coming to our house for dinner! Quin, his dad and brother came to the game from Texas. Quin Kimball is whom our little Quinn is named after! Such a great guy, sure missed that wife of his!

The day after was a fun one too at church asking others about the game and excitement from the previous day's activities. Who they were cheering for, where they were sitting. It was also like a mini family reunion in our ward with previous members visiting and lots of current members' families visiting because of the game.

It was seriously just a great weekend!

Man alive how I LOVE Brigham Young University. I LOVE (the beginning of) football season. And I love when those two mix!

Go Cougars!!!!!!!!!

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