Saturday, September 26, 2015

the twinsies: 11 months old

Babies babies babies!


Still my yeller. He'll just be sitting there yelling at you to get your attention. Too funny and way too loud at times

Bryson has caught on to the "all done" sign language hands and it's so cute! He waves those arms frantically and so happy to get OUT of his high chair. I think he and I BOTH love that he can communicate something he wants! It's so helpful!

He is the resident tissue eater, tissues out of the box puller, and wipes out of the bag puller. ALWAYS this kid. He gets such a big smile on his face when he realizes I've left the wipes open! He is also the one who tends to eat more mud

He's my back archer when it comes to getting in the stroller or carseat, e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e.

Has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top canines poking through!

His newest nickname is Bry Bry.

(there's more pictures of Bryson than Quinn because Quinn smile EASILY for pictures, Bryson not so much. So I focused on getting a REALLY good picture of Bry where you can see his freckle and dimple and happy smile AND in focus, I don't even think I got one of those, but I got other cute pictures of him that I don't want to get rid of!)



So close to standing on his own! Once he realizes he balancing by himself for 1-2 seconds he either sits slowly down or fall forward towards me thinking it's such a fun game.

Quinn's excitement turns into abuse, as sad as that sounds. He flails his hands and it just hurts!

Has two bottom teeth and one canine on the left that's come through.

Quinn was just at the doctor this week for his ear infection and he's exactly 25 lbs!

Still love calling him Quinny and Quinn Quinn.

 scrumptious little lips!


Crawling up a storm. Bear crawl pretty often when they're outside

They both LOVE to be outside. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. As soon as they hear the door open they race to come outside with us all.

Neither are superb at going down any type of steps yet, they've caught onto just a tiny bit of going sideways/backwards down the two little steps outside out house.

Speaking of stairs, they LOVE the stairs. IF they see that the baby gate is down they b-line it of the stairs racing up. No huge falls on the stairs yet, that'll probably change in the next few months but it's part of life.

Sleeping rockstars. They never wake up in the night, it's an absolute dream. Naps are pretty good. Depending on the day it's 2-3 naps some long some short. They are great at sleeping through each other's crying.

If ever one see the other on the ground getting a diaper change they crawl over so fast and start pretty much hitting each other's heads, clawing eyes out, ripping lips off. It's pretty sad. The one getting their diaper changed is SO sad while the one on top is so happy. I don't get it.

They give the best kisses! These huge long open-mouthed kisses, they are so proud and happy when they do. When they give it to each other it's just the cutest.

They've both definitely switched between who's clingier, mostly just depends on who's more severely sick. One thing that's hard with twins is that you can't just sit and hold and cuddle a sick baby. There's another baby crying at your legs for your attention. Cuddling two babies isn't the same, one is usually all wiggly and disrupts the other and wants to play while the other just wants to lay on your chest. It makes me sad I can't just sit and love on the sick baby.

I stopped nursing them at about 10 1/2 months. We just slowly stopped and suddenly one day I realized I didn't nurse them that morning and did the same thing the next morning and that was that. It was a good run but I'm ok being done.

Their favorite toys are the stacking blocks- that is making them fall, not stacking them themselves- and this one pop up toy where they push the 5 doors back down.

They LOVE terrorizing Maxson and getting into whatever he's playing with. But really they just love Max, I'm amazed at how rough he is with them it seems but they're actually just laughing and giggling away. A boy thing maybe? Who knows, they all love each other, I'm certain of it, they can all just be little mean with each other at times too.

We still pretty much always dress Bryson in blue and Quinn in another color (or Q in dark blue and B in light blue if they're both in blue!). It's so much easier to quickly know who's who from far way, behind, across the room. I just like knowing EXACTLY who's who every single time without having to correct myself, though I of course can tell apart their faces :)

Oh man I can't believe my babies will be ONE next month!

Each have their own little BYU animal to cuddle, Bryson a bear and Quinn a dog.
 Most of my shots were like these following two, they are so wiggly!

 If momma's on the ground you can bet your bottom dollar they will be climbing on me right away, I am absolutely their jungle gym.


Jessie and Austin said...

You are so awesome. I can't believe they're almost ONE!!

Cherri said...

Yay for the one year birthday! can't wait to celebrate!