Friday, September 25, 2015

Campcreek Railroaders train day

Back on Applejack festival day, immediately after pulling into our driveway with 3 sleeping children, Casey took the babies inside, put them in their beds, turned on some football, I grabbed some lunch, and drove myself and Max to a little train day that was happening at a city nearby. IT WAS SO FUN. All these old guys have this little hobby of these oversized toy trains that are completely legit steam engines with all these cars behind them that you ride around on a mile long track, it was so fun! We rode them over and over and over, we went the last 2 hours of the day which was so great since most everyone had already left!

Wish we could go again next year! Here's the info on it!

It was a little chilly when we go there so we squished Maxson into a baby's sweatshirt, ha.

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Jessie and Austin said...

I wish we had remembered this!! I'll have to go next year. I bet Max was in heaven.