Thursday, September 3, 2015

the beach! {part 4} from everyone's random phone pics

Our first day in Cali we met up at our wonderful cousin's house, Jim and Jan, it's been so fun seeing the remodel on their home! The babies got nice and dirty everywhere and this is also where Max smacked his head real hard while missing a step while running, showed signs of a concussion all day (throwing up when eating and sleeping a ton more than normal) so we took him to the ER that night, he started keeping food down that evening so they said all was probably ok!
"Fun" in the ER. The last hour and half we essentially traded off going on walks with Max around the ER.
a. How real men do the beach. 2 kids at one time. This is fem the bonfire!
b. My awesome brother Logan was beyond flipping awesome with the babies the whole time. Always playing with them, holding them, volunteering to take them when they needed naps at the beach. He was so so so kind and just the BEST uncle and brother I could ask for. Someone send that man a new baby!
Also how we do the beach. Bring a double stroller, pack everyone's crap on it, don't let babies actually ride in the stroller. Ha. It was great to have the stroller down there for a great place for the babies to nap and we could push it on the beach to lull them to sleep! We love our ergo carriers by the way!!!!!! At carlsbad state beach there's this 3 story high set of stairs you have to go up and down to get to the beach. I always helped Casey carry the stroller down but luckily enough there was always some insanely kind soul around to volunteer to take my spot and help Casey carry it up since they saw a baby on both our backs! SO KIND!
A couple days I took morning walks with the babies since they'd wake up so early and were so noisy while everyone wanted to keep sleeping! It was so great getting outside early in the morning. So clam at the beach, on the streets, and in the air. California is definitely has its issues but that weather and beauty is sure enticing! Here was one morning walking crew!
a. Finding a movie going on in the large grass area outside he insisted to watch somehow!
b. Casey came prepared to the bathroom to watch Max in the bath tub: pizza, root beer, ice cream sandwich. boom.
The train tracks right outside our door that were the BEST entertainment for Max. He LOVED them! He'd hear them coming from a distance and RUN outside with enthusiastic anticipation. He never tired of it all week and we saw A LOT of trains come by.
a. Mom won the hole in one put challenge at the resort!!!! So proud of her, ha! Instead of the wine bottle she opted for Sparkling cider.
b. Mini golfing around.
Love our ergos!
The best dirty car is  sandy dirty car. Sand only means 2 things, the beach or the dunes and both in my book are super fun. I welcome a sandy car any day.
The babies terrorizing Casey.
a. Found a playground for Max one morning!
b. Getting our boogie boarding day date on. Seriously, one of the highlights of my trip with this guy.
a. Morning walking crew
b. The ominous stairs at the beach. 3 sets of this!
Morning walking crew.

Patient children.
Our last evening we took a stroll around downtown Carlsbad. 

Ran to the beach real quick with Max and my mom with just sand toys, towels, and a boogie bard while Casey and my dad stayed at the condo with sleeping babies. Max's poor face was so burnt so I convinced him to wear the baby's hat and de-age him by 1 year.
Casey and I taking Max to the beach real quick by ourselves.

Last boogie board session!

Kids at the beach is s fun because you get to play in the sand the whole time and get all sandy and dirty again and have fun with your kids, it was the best.
The babies essentially pooped sand all week, I kid you not.
Great uncles and aunt(s) right here!
a. And helpful cousins!
b. taking car of Max after his fall that first day.
WE TAKE TOO MUCH CRAP WITH US WHEREVER WE GO. I have a problem with limiting what I bring places. I honestly feel like I can't help it though! Our family is so young and has so many needs!

Peacock farm
Sleeping babies at the beach were so cute! It was a miracle we transferred them from us to these make shift beds after they had fallen asleep!

Love my little Max!

b. Getting buried in the sand was definitely in Maxson's top 5 favorite things that week

Sub Zero walking around downtown Carlsbad.

Not pictured all the fun we had in the pools and hot tubs at the resort! It was so fun to come straight from the beach to more swimming in a not cold place!

THE END OF THE BEACH! wWell that is until I get our beach video done! We had the best time. Thanks mom and dad for letting us come. Sorry Kirk and Whitney for all the noise we brought!

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It was our pleasure! So lucky to have as many of you as we did.