Friday, June 5, 2015

picturas de iFono

Max was (FINALLY) obedient and was found waiting like this for our neighbor across the street, Zack, to come back out. It was adorable because he fiercely loves Zack (Zack is in dental school)
Good dad-ing skills
Walks make sleeping babies sometimes which usually is awesome.
Eating Texas Caviar on the counter entertained Max for a solid 20 minutes one day. Win
More dad-ing skills this time with unhappy bebes
Same day, same unhappy babies, this time mom-ing
My heart wants to burst when I find Max laying next to the babies, it's like these 3 are already bff's
a. finding a new monkey at Target
b. caught red handed with none other than ice cream #priorities. 
Cinco de Mayo party at the Davis's!
No cinco de mayo is complete without a piƱata. Win.
Casey helped scavenge candy for the little kids to have too, it was really endearing.
a. Spring rocked it this year in Lincoln with all the flowers
b. A perfect day to be outside
a. First unnecessary trip to the store with the whole family, success!

a. If the babies are in the walker they can usually be found right at Maxson's feet! He enjoys the game called kick the baby away
b. Friends moving, sad day.
Rocking motherhood.
a. love when I find pictures like this on Casey's phone. post bath time
b. Tractor watching! Our cute 3 year old neighbor, James, corrected us and say they were fork lifts that were forking.

Daniel Tiger's trolley in real life! ha, the kids loved it
Sewing time with a great little helper who likes to push all the buttons.
AND first time I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF with all 3 children! It was about an hour roundtrip for a 15 minute visit but we did, I survived, and I was very proud of myself!!!! Lots of stares...
Super babies! QB, twins can be really hard sometimes, but other times it is twice as awesome because there's twice as much cuteness.
Bryson is my nose scrunched when he smiles.
swinging with friends.
Babies stealing Max's toys and oh so happy about it.

The end :)

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Cherri said...

go team go.... they are all too big....!