Monday, June 29, 2015

little things in june part 1

diaper mail from target, goooood day
With 3 kids in diapers we go throughout these fast. 2 more boxes were still on their way.
An insanely rare date night with Casey love. He's just the best.
We always want to go to cold stone but it's too far away. That night it wasn't and we got some yumminess!
Family history event at the church where Max accompanied me and played with toys amongst the aging crowd.
A beautiful new chalkboard Casey and his friend, Josh, made me, WAHOOOO!
White washing
I have hopes to put inspiring words on it for our family for years to come.
Some really awful rice krispy treats Max helped me use. Don't use low fat marshmallows- they don't melt! I also used a box of stale rice krispy cereal that there wasn't even enough of so we had to add stale chez cereal. And then Max poured milk into the rice kris pies as they cooled down because DUH! Cereal needs milk!
Frog legged Quinny just drinking his bottle.
Max was thrilled to play with our neighbors cute little kitchen sink.
A little Dr's check up (healthy boys, just were cranky for no reason!), were hilarious in front of this mirror.
It's like he goes to school all day, comes home to be dad all evening, and then studies once the kids go to bed or something. Why the heck is he sleeping?!
More of Papa's birthday card
All his yummy puffs stuck on his chubby arms, couldn't quite get the hand eye coordination to his mouth.
That little dish washing station from earlier sparked Maxson's interest in heeling with real dishes and he's actually been a huge help!

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