Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's day and a special birthday video

With it being Father's Day yesterday I thought it appropriate to share this little video I made for my dad's 60th birthday this last week. Max and I have watched it a ton and I think the rest of my family was very happy to watch as well. Happy birthday dearest daddy!

Dad's 60th

But a big Happy Father's Day to my hunk of burning love. Nothing makes you appreciate someone more than them being one, and baby, after having you gone the past 5 days, I am so glad to have the father of our home back in action!
Casey was the best ever to cooperate and wear a bow tie to match with boys on father's day (when we celebrated it early). There's a first for everything! Muah!

And can't not mention my amazing father in law, love that man so very much and feel so lucky to be apart of his family and have him as a grandparent for my children!


Purposely at Home said...

what an amazingly sweet video! loved all the birthday wishes at the end.

Shane and Clara said...

I LOVED your video you did Kimber! You have such wonderful family! It was so good to see so many faces and how your mom and Dads family has grown over the years! 60 is YOUNG!!

Suzanne said...

That was so cute! And I loved your stake conference post too, Go Kimber! Also you look so much like your grandma!