Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A hodge lodge of unimportant life activities

Cute Quinners and daddy.


See that cute nose scrunch?
Love seeing all my baby boys together.

Bryson cuteness-- he's a little harder to get to smile but still adorable.
a. Found Max emptying out the vacuum container into the garbage one day, so funny.
b. He's super into lining up his cars these days.
Last picture with the yellow dresser! Had to sell it to make room for another crib in the room, it will be missed!

Feeding the calvary.

Quinn is our slurper
Bryson's game face comes around when it's eating time.

Quinny isn't fully crawling but army crawling. And always sticking his bum up high in the air and rocking back and forth on hands and knees
Lunch outside with the Maxson. Sweet potatoes and eggs.

And one of my favorite pictures ever Quinn's stank face is just so funny.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND I must tell you to hope over to my friends new blog about living in a van. Yes, you heard that right I have friends who have chosen to live in a van for the summer, it's wild. Go follow em.

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Suzanne said...

LOVE all of your pictures of your beautiful babes that are becoming handsome boys!!! I can't believe how fast they are growing up.