Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Maximus

So often I say out loud the not so great qualities of Maxson. He's quite the definition of a rambunctious boy and has oh so much energy. Constantly on the go (and making messes) and not listening and very curious and very busy and and and, ha. BUT he actually is my favorite 2 year old in the whole world and has so many wonderful qualities. When in person with friends I'm not just going to go off gushing of all the wonderful things I think my child is, BUT on my blog? It's about time I gushed on my cute 2 year old of all his wonderful qualities.

Maxon is...
conscious of others

A wise friend of mine mentioned how Max needs to learn to use the force. He has so much power and energy inside and I need to help direct him to focus that force to the good side and stay away from the dark side, ha. I loved that analogy because it is so true!


Max and his monkey. He loves this little monkey and is literally loving it to death. It's arm is coming apart, various areas of stitching are opening and it's just getting overall old. We found an almost identical one at Target and bought it in hopes of replacing this one, nope, now he just wants BOTH monkeys and in the end I find him hugging this old one still in the middle of the night and the new one has fallen on the ground. Who knows what will happen with this monkey in the future, I imagine it will end up falling apart after being washed so much and in the end just disappearing. He zonked out like this on the couch after church ended at 4 pm with no nap. Such a sweetie.

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