Sunday, May 31, 2015

twinsies at 7 months

Oh my these twinsies have gotten so much fun in the past month! I always say that but the older they get they just wake up and interact more and more and more. I love it.
I love this, Bryson is always playing with his feet.
 These boys love Maxson.

They are scooting and moving! You put them down and within 5 minutes they are in a totally different area. Quinn is getting on his hands and knees and planking, he mostly just scoots backwards sometimes forward, he's also a pro at turning in circles on his tummy. (as of 1 week later he full on push-upping forward/army crawling!) Bryson is moving a bunch too but I can't figure out how he moves as much, he kind of just slowly scoots backwards and in circles, he's a little more content with just hanging out on his back and watching. I'm thinking they'll both be crawling by 8 months but we will see.

They are loving toys and putting everything in their mouth. They love toys that make noise like shakers and rattles, and even more love non baby toys like Maxson's cars and blocks ha. Another favorite is the foam letters you put on the walls in the bath tub

They are awesome eaters. I've been trying to be more consistent with offering them solids and they chow down each time I do, it just takes so much time that I often forget or am too busy to! I try to feed them solids twice a day and they eat anywhere from 1-2 containers. Bryson opens his mouth so well for each bite and holds it there for a long time until you put it in, and he always leans over to a side). Quinn is our vocal moaning eater because you can't feed him fast enough but he just slurps it up. Same bottle feeding/nursing amounts. I nurse them and then give them 4 oz formula after every feeding.

 BQ (doesn't Quinn's head look full on photoshopped on?! Crazy weird I tell ya)

Sleeping is up and down. During most the last month they've been essentially awesome at taking 3 naps a day making 1-2 of them long ones. In the past week it's seemed like they've all been 45 minute naps though and it's driving me NUTS! But as I write this they are suddenly taking a 2 hour nap for no reason, I don't get it. Last month they always slept from about 7-7/8 with one wake up around 4-6. This last week though I was getting tired of constantly getting up with them and came to sleep downstairs while they fussed it out a little bit. It wasn't even that long but I just get so fed up with them crying in my room when I want to be sleeping! Casey of course slept through it in our room. They fussed for probably no longer than 15-20 min each and went back to sleep, it's been great. (Again a week later they still wake up at 5 or so eat once and start their day somewhere between 6:30-7, though every few nights Bryson will sleep through that last feeding!)

They still don't wake each other up at night when crying which I think is amazing. Naps I think they often do. They go to sleep squeezing onto their designated BYU animals (yep, just like Max, we're brainwashing them to love BYU by instilling it in their cribs, literally) Bryson's is a bear and Quinn's is a dog.

Bryson loves his feet and is constantly grabbing onto them and eating them.

Quinn seems to be more of the social butterfly, easily smiling and laughing at anyone and everyone.

Both boys are always trying to take one another's toys and rolling over on each other and hitting and grabbing at each there and making one another cry, it's cute twin stuff.

We're still practicing helping them sit up a lot. They've got the gorilla sitting down and can do real sitting for a short period of time and then fall over. With two it's harder to find time to work with them since often the other is crying when you're doing it!

They're beginning to want to be held  A TON and crying a lot when I'm not holding them. It's hard and tiring. I put them in baby carriers when I can and walk around the house with them.

I think they're also beginning to understand the concept of when I pick up one crying baby it means it's not them and they start getting even more sad, it's adorable.

PS- look at the growth of these boys! I can't believe how much smaller they are than that little bear in the first picture and now they're just so huge you can barely see the bear with them on that rocking chair!

PPS- this is 1001st post! Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? More on that soon!


Katie said...

7 months!? Amazing!! They are so cute! You go, momma!

Cherri said...

yummy eat them up!