Monday, June 15, 2015

Feeding for two

Feeding solids to two babies is semi time intensive, I've gotten more used to it and definitely complain less. They've quickly transitioned into not just eating pureed baby foods which can be convenient for us all and are getting better at picking up things I put on their tray and actually making it into their mouths. Feeding times is both fun and stressful, stressful because they're so loud and sometimes they're crying or yelling because they ant food faster or maybe they are done, I don't know. But I have found that singing them songs during the process quiets them down. They're hilarious though. When Quinn is feeding himself he's so messy and loves try to stuff his face. As evident in pictures, Bryson is not as messy and not as entertained about feeding himself, he much prefers me spoon feeding him.

Speaking of spoon feeding, sometimes I make the babies' pureed baby food from scratch and other times I grab the containers from the store, I try to always have both on hand fro convenience sake. However, I have found, that compared to my experience with making baby food for Max, it's much easier to make baby food for twins because your bulk making of the food gets eaten so fast between two babies there's practically no time to freeze it. So I can just put it in a big tupperware in my fridge and it gets eaten so quickly, no freezing measuring etc. Funny, huh? They eat a lot. 3 meals a day beyond their bottles and nursing, all they do is eat! 

So here are some adorable pictures of my adorable babies.

 Q going to town
 Bryson insisting I be the one to feed him.
 Q be like "I got this mom"

 QB- I love this series of 3 pictures between them
(best tip ever for the space saver chairs, putting a kitchen towel under them for easier cleaning!)

 Q- I see these two expressions all day long, I love it


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