Friday, February 13, 2015

A post about being exhausted and children's sleep habits.

I  can feel my beloved/ sacred time of everyone take a nap beginning to fade. Max is starting to fight me on every afternoon nap.

I don't know why. He used to be such an angel to go down for naps. Wouldn't say 2 words about going down for a nap, he would just go into his bed and be completely fine with it and I'd just leave the room and he'd just go do his nap thing for 2-3 hours.

Lately his angelic like sleeping habits have changed. He scream-cries bloody murder when I mention it's time to go night-night. We haven't even begun anything to get ready for his nap and he's already crying/screaming at the thought of going to take a nap. I don't get it. And lately he wakes up crying and sad fem all episodes of sleeping be that night time or day time. What has changed in this kid? How am I supposed to nap with a screaming child upstairs? Ugggggggggggggg. Suggestions anyone?

I've gotten a little behind on blogging because I've been (trying/wanting) to take naps everyday at some point. So during the only 15 min-1 hour time slot I have completely alone time during the day I sleep, thus no daytime bloggging. I'm downright exhausted all day everyday. I do believe it has something to do with finally getting in a religious exercise routine, exercising sure feels great but I'm stinking tired all the day long. And then at night times Casey and I have been extra awesome as of recently to clean up the house super duper well each and every night. It's really only been getting done thanks to Casey's help. When I'm bum tired at the end of the night all I want to do is sit and do nothing but if I see Casey going I might as well get up too and get twice as much done with him around. So, thanks, lover.

And then after we clean I'm again still exhausted and add that to the fact that we've found a new show to binge watch together called The Unit (free with Amazon Prime membership!) I've really done nothing in my evenings.

Moms of 3+ kids, are you dog gone exhausted at the end of every night or is this just a phase?

Oh and the babies? We'll they're just exhausting, love them to pieces, but I wish so bad they would just take TWO 2 hour naps during the day with maybe another 45 minute one instead of 4 naps all lasting less than an hour. It just gives me no break when they only sleep for 45 minutes! They're hit and miss…

Ok, let's get onto something more interesting than Kimber complaining about children's sleep habits and being exhausted.

Actually, that's all I can think about right now is different things to do with sleep and me being exhausted so I'll just continue forward with that theme.

-I feel like I constantly can hear a baby crying even if there's no baby crying. At night trying to fall asleep for example, they're in my room, and my ears will still suddenly perk up and I will be fully awake thinking I can hear a baby crying downstairs. I look forward to that far distant background noise ending.

-I believe that since the babies were born I have not had one episode of sleep that wasn't ended by the sound of a child crying. When you think about it, what an awful way to wake up from sleeping, to the sounds of someone crying, ALWAYS. Truly not the most pleasant way to end a pleasant sleep.

-Today I was thinking how I've truly been blessed with babies who actually do sleep really really well in the big picture. Going down for naps is usually the easiest thing 99% of the time (except for the night I have to put all 3 down by myself, then they're all just awful). They just know it means sleep time and they go with little to no crying and little to no help from us. I'm so grateful that already at an early age they are like this (though it is because we pushed/trained/guided them to fall asleep by themselves a few weeks ago). They sleep really awesome throughout the night. Sometimes I only wake up once and if it's a bad night 3 separate times between the two of them. More often than not through I wake up 1-2 times a night with them, nurse them each laying down and go back to sleep myself. It truly could be worse.

- I told my mom and SIL the other day that at the end of everyday I feel completely exhausted and run down and wondered how long that was going to last/if it ever ends/if my SIL feels like that too. I kinda came to the conclusion that I am especially exhausted right now because of my circumstances but yes, I will feel exhausted for quite some time. And then I read this article (thanks, Katie!) that night and it brightened my spirits. This too shall pass for good and bad reasons.

 I'm so very grateful I'm exhausted because that means I'm blessed with so much. I would so rather be exhausted and worked hard like I am every single day like so rather than hoping and waiting everyday that I had a child to be exhausted with. I know my complaints are small in the big scheme and I'm grateful what problems I do have, like they say, if we all laid our troubles on the table you'd take yours and I'd take mine.

I HIGHLY look forward to the day that it will be possible to sleep 8 hours straight with no interruptions and waking up to the sounds of a quiet room/house. Trust me, when that day comes I WILL BLOG ABOUT IT.

And onto some incredibly random pictures about our life since I over-share just abut everything it seems like.

a. While I slowly woke up one morning and nursed the babies upstairs, Max was happily downstairs climbing on all the counters helping himself to a bowl of fruit loops (fruit loops are church snack only usually, naughty boy, but whatever…)
b. Putting up new pictures...
Making Texas Caviar by the butt loads for a few wonderful friends. Maxson taste tested every batch.
a. Quinny the little gangsta
b. A cold day activity: spray bottle, foam patters, and a window
a. Just cracking out some work before lunch.
a. Bryson smiles, baby's smiling is heart stopping.
a. An everyday sight: babies in bumbos and Max sharing his toys.
a. Sometimes when I hold the babies on the rocking chair, Max decides he needs to site with me too, it gets  little squished ha. As I'm writing this I'm remembering when I was hugely pregnant with these babies and there would be next to no room for Max on the rocking chair ha
 We took a walk on a warm day. We didn't make it to the park yet (we have made it further each trip!) but I'm pretty certain there was at least 1 child crying at all points of our walk, ha, at one point I remember all 3 crying. Casey and I had fun to say the least. Max needs more practice on staying on his little kick board though. The whole way back he made Casey carry him, haha.

 Bryson's eyebrows kill me in this.
 a. Look at those little baby arms rolls, I just want to take a bite right there!
b. Sunday means train day!!! And by golly were we so wise to set aside Sunday as the designated only day the trains cmd out because then they're that much more special and he plays with them so much longer, it's great.
 a. Sly guy Bryson
b. Probably some love Bryson gave me in exchange. Pure motherly love right there.
 a. Walked in on max sleeping and lugged hard at the plethora of stuffed animals he hoarded from various places (the 2 baby's BYU animals and a duck that once covered the head of a golf club). There's also a tiny stuffed monkey squeezed below his chin.
b. Didn't quite muster up the time or energy to make sugar cookies for Valentines but cutting hearts out of play dough seemed to work even better for Max!
 a. "mmooo-eeee" smoothie
b. Still balancing even at (I'm guessing) 35 lbs ha
 a. Finally I was being the funny/fun parent and making Maxson uncontrollably laugh. Proud moment.
 Watching Casey play with Max makes even me laugh so very much.
 Cute duo
 Maxson plopped himself purposely next to Quinn and began showing him what he was playing on the phone one day. Although it involved technology, it still made my heart happy to see Max trying to share his experiences with the babies.
 a. Probably one of my favorite pictures of Quinny: all bundles up like a babushka
b. Bryson
 Caught Max red handed in the tunnel with my telefono.
 The babies were arching their heads back and sideways trying to watch the TV with Max, little stinkers. It was a funny sight to see their eyeballs and heads looking so far backwards.



Jessie and Austin said...

Blahh sleeping. You're doing an awesome job. I saw the twins from my organ perch on Sunday and HOLY COW THEY ARE HUGE AND SO CUTE. Also, Max looked killer in the suspenders, cute kid. Let's for real play next week.

Melissa Lynn said...

About the nap issue. Ellie did that for a little bit and I sort of just let it go for about a week and thought, no, I'm in control. So it took a lot of energy for a few days but went in every 10 minutes and laid her back down and finally she stopped fighting it. And bribes always work for me. "When you wake up we can..." Hope it's not the end of naps and only a fluke. He's too little still.

Blair said...

I love these posts full of pictures and my kiddos do too! Ha. This last picture is one of my favorites. It's so cute and funny. And I LOVE that you get so many pictures of everyday life. It's like you're not so far away.

Cherri said...

Ditto to Blairs comments.... I thought the spit-up pic looked like a squished lizard on your shoulder... Ha.
I always think of one of Liz Bradly's quotes "you can rest when you're dead". :)
Gotta say... just like you did already I've got at least 10 YSA women here who would jump at the chance to have the exhaustion you speak of. Alas... coming soon to give an oz of relief. hugs

Cherri said...

Ironic your bad day for nap post is on Friday 13th