Saturday, February 28, 2015

Even sicker day

**Written last Saturday**


Remember how Max had a fever and was sick? As awful as it sounds I will take Max sick over the babies being sick any day because he is so much easier to deal with when sick. The babies spiked fevers last night (friday night) and it was one of the longest nights ever. I kid you not. They awoke at 11:15 and I couldn't get them back settled until 12:30 am until Casey was home picking my mom up from the airport and I had more hands to get the poor kids off my chest. They were oh so hot even after their tylenol, they were so sad, and their noses so runny. Starting at 3:30 we were up every half hour with the babies for some reason or another. It is/was so sad. My poor sick little babies. They can't sleep for a very long and they can't stay awake for very long either. It was a long night and has been a long day thus far. I just want my babies to be happy again.

All day long they couldn't sleep or stay awake for more than 30-40 min at a time and they were so cranky and sad and congested, it was just the saddest thing ever and super exhausting as parents.

By the way I am sick too. Starting in the evening I started a yucky not feeling cough, then a headache, then achey joints, and then during the night I probably had a fever go on and off with getting chilly. At one point I was in sweat pants, thick socks, and a sweatshirt with the hood up and still freezing under the covers. I don't know what my poor little babies are/were feeling either which stunk. Were they hot? Were they cold? It just makes me so sad.



But my wonderful mom is here now to help. How great is that? I was able to take a nap when all the kids were awake and my house isn't falling apart with all these sick kids and sick momma. How indebted I am to her.

**Written Tuesday**

We had 2 nights of very sick babies and those may have been the hardest nights we have thus experienced as parents. Imagine 1 sick baby: I don't know what your sick babies are like but maybe they wake up every couple of hours, you have to suck out their noses so they can breathe, it's sad, you may have to hold them more, etc. It's a hard night but doable, you get through it

Now imagine 2 sick babies in the same room and then a toddler in the next room that wakes up to all the crying. Going through the chain of events that night would take way too long but let me right a few bullet points.

(I'm going to call Quinn and Bryson one and two just for fun because it doesn't really matter which woke up when, actually I have no idea who was who all night it seemed like because they were both equally awful and sad)

-One wakes up to eat and then won't go back down easily for a good half hour+ because it's s hard to fall asleep with a stuffy nose and high temperature. A half hour after you get one down two wakes up to eat, you have to suck out his nose because he can't breathe causing him to cry very loud then waking up one then you tried so hard to get to sleep. You then play this dance every half hour with both: feeding them, sucking out noses and screaming causing the other to wake up, and then finally falling asleep in your arms only to wake up nearly immediately and bounce/cuddle the baby back to sleep.I kid you not be I was out of bed every half and hour and there was a 2 hour stint I didn't sleep even a blink.

-Max woke up I think 3 times beginning at 1:30 and pretended he'd go back to sleep but end up screaming and not going back to sleep. He ended up sleeping in our bed from about 2:30-5 (first time he's slept in our bed in a year I think, it was so weird!) After a couple hours he must have gotten woken up too much by the baby's crying and decided to wake up for good. That was not cool and not going to go on. After 15-20 minutes with him downstairs arguing that he needed to go back to bed and it was still night time while he yelled back that he wanted the iPad, I somehow bartered with him that I would give him strawberry milk and he'd go back to sleep. He (shockingly) immediately agreed and went back to sleep, so weird and so exhausting.

The rest of the night was a blur, I think the day started at 6:30 or something, so early, I'm pretty sure I got a MAXIMUM of 3 hours of sleep. So flipping exhausting, I felt so bad for my babies too though, they were probably feeling terrible. The rest of the day they could barely sleep 30-45 minutes at a time and were only able to stay awake for 30-45 minutes at a time (usually they stay awake 1.5 hours and sleep 45 min-3 hours). It was rough.

We took the babies to the doctor on Saturday to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with them, they test them for RSV and nothing showed up, just really bad yucky virus I guess.

Their fevers broke after about 36 hours, it was so long. And now their sleep habits have turned for the worse with all that sickness. Rmemeber how they used to sleep a ton at night? Not anymore :( They're now up 4-5 times a night, insist on formula after being nursed, wake up to each other's cries and just are not good sleepers anymore! Ugh, please change for the better babies! I told Casey that even though they were/are crappy day time sleepers, at least they slept fabulous at night. WEll the their redeeming quality has disappeared…they need a new redeeming (sleep) quality from somewhere, mmeh.

This picture was the day it started, I should have seen the signs in Quinn there on the right.
The first time they woke up with fevers I rocked their hot little bodies for a couple hours while they went in and out of sleep. Casey was gone getting my mom from the airport and I had to wait for them to return to move them, it was oh so sad.

The death days of 4 out of 5 people not feeling great and everyone not getting any sleep.
a. Quinn's stank face of how he was feeling, poor guy
b. Max was cuddling with Casey in the middle of the night and it was the stinking cutest thing ever.
Entertaining our tired sick selves during church.

Any tips on getting babies back to sleeping through the night is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Sadly, we have a tiny house and they have to sleep in our room, we don't have another room for them with Maxson being in our 2nd bedroom. We've thought about sleeping in the family room for a week or so while they learn to sleep through their night wakenings and each other's cries (read let them cry for longer times at night. With them in our room we come to their rescue immediately so we can get the most sleep possible). Also, why are they not satisfied just by breastfeeding anymore?!? It takes so much longer to bottle feed them too and it's so frustrating!

Funny thing, after the third awful night of helping the babies I was sitting on my bed with one of them at 4 am feeding them a bottle or just hushing their cries and I remember thinking "As crappy as this is, I'm so glad it's me taking care of these boys. I love them so much and want to be the one nursing them back to health, cuddling them through the night, and holding them tight" Funny how motherhood works, huh?

Rant over.

Germs: go away.

Health: come back.

Babies: be better sleepers.

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