Thursday, February 26, 2015

A birthday fit for a 28 year old

Mr Casey turned a whopping 28 years old this year. He said he didn't feel any different, ha.

He had a a dang busy day, he wasn't home much at all, all day long. Lots of school and lab work. The 30 minutes between when he got home from school and ran off to his bowling league games we invited friends over at the last minute to sing happy birthday and eat all that yummy cake.

For the 2 hours leading up to when I knew we'd be eating cake I told Max he had to eat his dinner if he wanted any cake. He kept yelling at me no no and more no's that he didn't want dinner or cake. Yeah, uh huh. We were literally getting ready to sing happy birthday and Max was FINALLY shoving dinner down his throat at the last minute. That child… It was a fun quick evening to have friends over.
 Of course I made our delicious traditional oreo cake always, that things NEVER disappoints.
28 candles exactly!
 (isn't this an awesome really awful quality picture of our friends?)
 Bryson be like "Cake? What I'm on that"
 random picture of cute babies
Casey went to bowling that night and one of the other wives were sweet enough to make this awesome cake!
 Casey wanted pedicures for his birthday, he had to drag me screaming and kicking to go with him… ;)
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

 I texted Casey this picture the day after his birthday and said "happy birthday, I did the dishes"
 Back to Casey's birthday, Max helped make the cake and as much fun as it was and as helpful as he was, it was at the same time and absolutely awful battle of wills… enough said.
Also, Casey's new birthday banner, awesome right?
 And unrelated to the birthday post I was SHOCKED when Max fell asleep watching the iPad, it has never ever happened before, ha. It was after the day I took all 3 kids to the doctor by myself during nap time.


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Brooke said...

Happy birthday Casey!! And I'm loving your blog makeover :)