Saturday, February 21, 2015


The end of a week.


I love Fridays since that means Casey has less than a half day at school and then he's home for pretty much all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, yipeeeeeee!

It feels as if we are an all hands on deck house right now. If you're home, you're helping, no rest for the weary.

Poor little Max was/is one sick puppy. He's had a pretty runny nose for the past 4-5 days and then yesterday he came down with a fever and was just wanting to sit and not do much. My poor baby boy. And his eyes were watery all day long and he napped for 4 hours I think and then went back to sleep for the night just 2 1/2 hours later. Today he continued the fever on and off while we gave him tylenol here and there. Still an awful runny nose today (can't seem to get him to blow through his nose, it's killing me!) but eyes a little less watery, he's been eating less today too.

But remember how I said he went to bed pretty soon after his nap the day before? WELL, that was not a wise choice to allow him to do because at 4 am we here Max awake, Casey goes in (Casey always deals with Max in the middle of the night because a) he's nice b) I pretty much always deal with the babies c) Max is overall more used to Casey when it comes to going to sleep or back to sleep because he pretty much always puts him to bed). Well after talking to him and trying his best to coax him back to sleep, Max insisted "ALL DONE! AWAKE!" Ha, oh man. I asked Casey to stay up with him (stay up=let Maxson watch a movie on the iPad downstairs while he slept next to him, ha) and I told him I'd switch him when the babies woke up. Did I mention the babies woke up FOUR times to eat that night? What in the heck happened to them that night? No clue. Bryson decided to start the day at 6 am (usually the absolute earliest is 7:30, but more like 8/8:30). So I forced Quinn to wake up too and we switched Casey.

Babies went back to sleep 1-1 1/2 hours later and I was able to convince Maxson back to sleep at 7:30/8 too. The whole family slept until a glorious 9:30. I fed the babies and went back to sleep while Casey got up with the children (he didn't have school today because of boards for the 4th years, TENDER MERCY). When he came back in to put the babies to sleep at 11 I decided it was finally the right hour to wake up.

Oh my goodness, what a morning, right? Do you see why my last post was surrounded by exhaustion?

But my glorious, heavenly, wonderful MOTHER is coming tonight to my rescue!!!!!!!! I told her at the beginning of the month that I would be needing a break soon, ha, and was hoping she'd come help me out again.

This stage of my kids is just so overwhelming and intense, I'm so grateful she's so willing to come help and join me in the ranks of mothering small children again for a week to relieve me for just a bit, how I love her so much (if anyone else wants to come slave labor visit me for a week you're more than welcome! Wink, wink)

Onto something more exciting than me being exhausted and our household's sleeping status.

I'm working on my 2014 photo book again!!!!! GO KIMBER!

You guys, it's seriously a huge accomplishment to start it again. I got out 2013 the other day and Max and I loved looking through it. I decided I needed to hurry and pump out 2014 so we could hurry and enjoy last year too, especially since Max will still remember those later months! It's really not that hard to do, I got half of July, August, Sept, and half of Oct done in like 2 nights. It just take effort and remember how I said that at night I want to sit and nothing? Yiiiiiiisssssss.

I got up to the part of where the babies are born. I imagine the next 3 months of the book are going to take longer than just 2 nights though…

Also I took all 3 kids into the doctor this week BY MYSELF! This was the first time I've ever gone anywhere with all 3 by myself!!!!!! (Ok one time we went to the park but I'm not really counting that, it was 15 minutes maximum and I didn't even get the babies out). Well our ward is FULL of sickness, my family included. So we went in to check that they didn't have anything serious and just little colds. Moral of the story, I went somewhere with all 3 kids by myself and I did it!

I'm not sure why I've gotten all chatty lately on my posts recently. Maybe it's because it feels good to examine my feelings and my days, to step back and see where I am/where the kids are/where I want to be and that happens because I can write it out, now that I think of it, blogging is very therapeutic.

Pictures another time, I'm too tired and headed to bed.

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