Thursday, February 5, 2015


This morning started without Max waking up me up by kicking the door to tell me he's awake, that was great. Actually the babies always wake up first and he wakes up at some point while I nurse them, but you get the point.

So breakfast began easy breezy with just me and these 2 boys, my oh my how relaxing it was! And they were so smiley and happy, I wish every morning started out slowly and smoothly like this, but alas it does (Max, I love I would just like a softer start to my day)
The babies woke up with great vibes today and took a stinking LONG morning nap, it was wonderful! I love when they nap a long time because it gives me time to breathe and a little me time and then I still have extra time and energy to give to Max! So today I got my workout in, we made smoothies, I took a shower, Max proceeded to play in the bath, and we STILL had time to make some blueberry muffins! Like I said, we really scored during this nap.
The babies second nap almost went down without a hitch. Both babies went down smoothly. Max went down smoothly I was about to go down smoothly, and then I hear Max, noise, noise and more noise. Somehow he decided nap time was not going down. Noooooooooooooooooooo. I did what any wise mother did: put some white noise on by my ears and took my own siesta. 45 minutes I was (rudely) awaken by the maintenance men to come check our fire alarms (aka make them go off like let's pretend we're having a fire in each room for 5 seconds, blahhhhhhhhh). So Max never took a nap, then 1 of the babies woke up and it was a wonderful nap as you can see. Blah.
So we hung out the rest of the afternoon. Used the beloved rocking chair for entertainment for us all, the babies got to be held, the little backs of their heads were given a break, we rocked and rocked and Max ran and ran to entertain us all. It was a good afternoon. 
And we ended our night without Casey, sigh, a lot more crying than I would have liked, but we survived. Even with all the crying and Maxson shenanigans, I gave myself a pat n my back for not losing my patience with anyone.

And that was today, Thursday Feb 5th


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It is a huge feat to not lose patience! I love that the twins are matching in the bottom picture. It's weird that were neighbors and rarely see each other right now. Miss you friend!