Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bedtime and routines

We've fallen into a routine,  routine I routinely love.

Casey is constantly in and out of the house, I can never expect him to be home or gone but he's both home and gone a lot (home a lot more often than he used to be, this is a cushy semester and I'm thankful for it). We've learned our places. Places that make life flow a little bit more easily.

Usually right after Max goes to bed I say to Casey "Max really is a good boy, I love him so much." Casey agrees and then we start talking about the silly things he did throughout the day, how hilarious he is, and how naughty he is, but it always comes back to him truly being such a good boy, he could totally be harder and worse in so many ways. Instead, he's just so eager to help, to be apart of things, to learn, to play, to be given attention. Oh how I love watching him grow. Oh how I love him

Casey always puts Max to bed and I always put the babies to bed, that's just way we work. Max hasn't given Casey a hard time about going to sleep in what feels like forever. He just gets it. They have their rhythm of bedtime, smooth like butter. Max sleep with monkey, duck, and baby monkey. He always wants to read the apple book and Casey spends so much time with him at each bed time routine going over letters, I can't believe the progress Maxson has made these past couple weeks because Casey has taken the time to sit and work with him on them. He's picked up identifying them so quickly, it's been really fun to be surprised by his progress during the day time.

I always put the babies to bed (kind of obvious since I gotta nurse them). Diaper changes, swaddles, nursing, bottles, burping, and to bed they go. They're little angels when it comes to night time sleep, every week it gets better and better. Bryson can consistently sleep 11-12 hours at night and I'm flabbergasted and ever so thankful for it. Quinn usually wakes up after 8-10 hours to eat and then again 3 after that. I he wakes up around 8 hours I feed him and pump on the other side. If it's more the 10 hour range I force Bryson to wake up too to eat so they will sleep longer afterwards. I really don't feel like I've done much different with these boys as I did with Maxson other than the rock n play, so I contribute it all to that and just their wonderful personalities. (Crossing my fingers this lasts and it's not just a phaseeeeeeeee!)

*Disclaimer*: they're kinda awful for daytime naps and have fallen into those 45-60 minute cat naps they drive me CRAZY. Starting today I've started letting them cry for 10 minutes to see if they'll fall back to sleep themselves, hopefully in time they'll get it. It's also sometimes not super smooth to put them to sleep, sometimes we have to work real hard to get them to fall asleep, like going up a billion times to put the binkie back in and picking up and feeding more food and and and. The new rule is to put binkie in once and after that give them 5 minutes to figure it out themselves. Hopefully those new rules will help because it gets really frustrating and tiring going up and down the stairs a billion times to help two babies fall asleep. Often times one goes down easily but then the other one fights ya so you can usually count on one baby giving you a hard time. Hopefully this will all help and they can start taking longer day naps. I really try not to complain much at all (except to Casey) about this though since they are amazing nighttime sleepers. I'd rather have it this way than awful nights and great days.

Gosh how do I always turn into a word vomit of a blogger lately? My apologies.

More pictures?


Look at my cute twins. Don't you wanna just eat them up? QB
When you get them both to smile it's like being on cloud 9. My heart just wants to jump out of my chest and I want to explode with love for them and squeeze them I love them so much! BQ

Mk, that's it for today. To bed we go.

PS- I love hearing from all you "readers" If I know you in person or if I don't, it's so fun hearing things from people. Some of you have been so sweet and encouraging lately it just helps me so much. As a stay at home mom sometimes it can get a little secluded (especially winter time with tiny babies) but I read each and every blog comment, email, IG comment and letter that comes my way and it's so fun to hear when people read this or that or enjoyed this post and can totally relate to that situation or Kimber, how about you try this. Don't be shy, I love hearing your comments or even knowing the fact that you read my tiny, silly blog over here! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! And you secret readers, don't be shy! Leave a comment sometime or better yet, tell me in person that you read my blog, it will make my day!

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