Sunday, August 18, 2013

on motherhood

recently one of my very closest friends had her first baby.
i don't know what about it was so special but it was extra special to me.
i think maybe because this was the first time in almost 9 months that one of my really close friends had a baby and now i can fully comprehend all the magic that having a baby entails.
(well not fully but i can darn right understand the specialness of it way more than 10 months ago)
she just became a mother, a mother!
oh the joy that motherhood is, truly.
a little baby enters the world, and your life is changed (for good) for forever
i kept reminiscing the birth story of maxson, meeting him the first time, nursing him the first time, our stay in the hospital, those magical first couple of weeks, the snuggly newborn, the constant sleeping of you and baby, that feeling of cloud 9.
oh how i would love to experience that all again because it was all so magical for me.

sure you can describe what a mother feels like, you can see others experience it, you can even imagine it, but until you feel it, that's when you understand it.
it's truly one of the most wonderful gifts out there.
that little babe depends on you for everything. everything.
but they LOVE you for it.
his eyes light up by far the brightest for me.
when left in a room, he always crawls to find me first.
when someone else holds him, he leans toward me with all his effort.
i am his world, and right now, he is mine.
 photo Dec1220127.jpg
motherhood is far better than i ever thought it would be.
i knew it would be fun but it's SOO fun.
i knew i would love but my heart is just bursting with love.
i knew it would be hard but i didn't know that the hardness of it doesn't matter while it's hard.
i knew i was meant to be a mother but  didn't understand how much i was divinely MADE to be a mother.
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and to my new mother-friend,
happy motherhood to you :)

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Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

You are a great mommy! Miss you lots!