Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the mr maxson at 8 months old

what he's up to.
 photo Aug320139_zps5c62f7d2.jpg
*all this info/pictures were written aug 1, i've just been too lazy to actually post this*
crazy how just 2 weeks later there's already new things to add!
also, there will be a plethora/overwhelming amount of pictures in the coming week about the beach/maxson so we decided these few quick ones we got in the hotel in CA at the last minute will suffice for his 8 month blog post ;)

he follows me everywhere, and it's just adorable.

pulling himself up on everything.
there will be times i'm just sitting somewhere and suddenly his heads just pokes up as he struggles to pull the rest of himself up too.
i love having that baby around

he's started connecting his consonants to his vowels
lucky for me, the most distinct/said one is mmmmmamamama,

still is a diehard for facetiming.
the screen comes on and he's all smiles.
it's impressive how much he responds to this 2D object of people.
i've said this about a million times before but i'm so grateful for the convenience of technology.
it makes it feel like mine and casey's parents/sibling get to be apart of each other's loves on a daily basis even those we're hundreds and hundreds of miles away!
 photo Aug3201310_zpsf7e7f5de.jpg
he's a foodie.
he loves food.
i've mostly only given him pureed food but slowly we're introducing chunkier foods, even though he doesn't have teeth yet.
he's awesome an gnawing his food away though.
he's quite the loud eater.
if you're not fast enough. HE. WILL. LET. YOU. KNOW.

his little pincer grasp is coming along beautifully.
other than picking up everything off the floor that i can barely tell is there to put in his mouth, he keeps getting better at putting those little puffs in his mouth.
sometimes he misses/can't get the puff all the way in, it's cute to watch.

he's an AWESOME shopping buddy.
he's all over at being out and about and is so content with the new place/people we're around.
i actually love getting to take him to do errands with me.

changing diapers is like a little WWF match.
that kid is quite the twister, it's impressive.

we're at 2 naps a day each ranging from about 1 1/2-2 hours each.
and within the last week he's decided that he's much too old for sticking to a predictable schedule for staying awake for 2 hours and the bed repeat.
his time awake ranges from 2-3 hours awake


Cody and Camille said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures in Cali and AZ!

Nicole said...

He is adorable! 8 months looks really good on him!