Monday, August 19, 2013

our trip to cali: the beach

lucky for us, the day casey's family reunion ended, my parent's time share in almost the same area began.
timing could not have been better.
we mostly just played at the beach for a week straight.
the first half of the week some of the family from arizona was there,
and the second half family from utah.

we boogie boarded lots,
built/dug sand castles,
we crawled in the sand next to maxson,
buried out feet in the sand,
ran away from waves,
dug for little sand crabs,
lulled babies asleep as we walked along the beach,
let the sun soak into our skin (while practically bathed in sunscreen).
and as we sat under umbrella eating our lunch we would say "isn't this so wonderful, i wish we could always do this"
so here's the first bit of our beach adventures while the arizona family was there.
 photo IMG_1649_zps93846d70.jpg
 photo Aug3201313_zpse673af48.jpg
 photo IMG_1342_zps541c24bc.jpg
 photo IMG_1429_zps4fe307a3.jpg
 photo Aug3201314_zpsacf49cdd.jpg
 photo IMG_1638_zps41f42bff.jpg
 photo IMG_1637_zps1542a096.jpg
 photo Aug3201315_zps22f2b092.jpg
 photo IMG_1669_zps204463fa.jpg
 photo Aug3201317_zps13c7107c.jpg
 photo Aug3201322_zps938e3a3e.jpg
 photo IMG_1661_zpse89b9c2e.jpg
 photo IMG_1414_zps6b569b5c.jpg
 photo IMG_1380_zps1acf4bbc.jpg
 photo Aug3201318_zpsef1c1206.jpg
 photo IMG_1636_zpsc2814599.jpg
 photo IMG_1634_zpsc6eae4a9.jpg
 photo Aug3201311_zps64e96310.jpg
 photo IMG_1510_zpsf15cd31b.jpg
 photo IMG_1466_zpsd840767f.jpg
 photo Aug3201316_zpsbc738be0.jpg
 photo Aug3201319_zps77d4c73f.jpg
 photo IMG_1523_zps3c855aff.jpg
 photo Aug3201320_zps98be8d5c.jpg
 photo Aug3201321_zps82bfbbcc.jpg
 photo IMG_1680_zps36b94218.jpg
 photo Aug3201312_zpsa3635c7b.jpg
 photo IMG_1433_zps0f0227de.jpg
 photo IMG_1428_zpse4f68738.jpg
 photo Aug62013_zps2b3a86dd.jpg
 photo IMG_1389_zpsf12a9eb8.jpg
 photo IMG_1488_zps63942d1e.jpg
don't worry, there's plenty more where this came from ;)


Cody and Camille said...

Oh the beach... looks like paradise! I love the jumping picture of the gals and the pile of flip flops. And all the adorableness of Max!!! What a great vay-cay!!!

Cherri said...