Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a softball game where i almost died from the heat/sun/humidity

Last weekend was our stake softball tournament for our church and it lasted all day long! Literally, we got to the fields at 8 am for our first game and left at 5 pm. It was a bit too long for my liking but still fun nonetheless. We played our first 3 games, and won them all. We found a shady spot to eat the hot dog lunch they provided (with watermelon, nachos, and cookies) with our big old group, had an additional hour break from games and played 2 more games, the last being the championship game and winning the whole thing, go us!

 It was so darn hot though. The whole time from lunch and beyond it was just hot hot and more HOT. As adults, we were hot but we just had to deal with it, on the other hand Maxson was hot and I felt so bad. We worked our bums of to keep him sun-screened up, hat on, sucking on cold water and in the shade as much as possible. He survived to say the least. The game before the last one I kept saying "let's just lose so we can go home!" I'm such a sour wart sometimes. My teammates did not agree with my decision and we won. And then during the championship game I kept saying "Just let them win so we can go home!" Again, our team put in all their effort and we were actually stellar and won!

This year we also had enough women there that we could play which made it way nicer. There had to be 5 women on the field and we usually had 6 there if not 7 a couple times. But even with all of us there every time it was our time to go out on the field, the men would constantly say "ok, we need 3 more girls, come on!" If it was my choice, I'd play out field a couple of times and be good watching, but I felt like I had to play every time, ha. Friends who didn't go on the field helped watch Maxson which was kind of them. Casey was a rockstar the whole game, catching balls left and right making great plays, I was super impressed with his softball skills. I really shouldn't have been surprised, Casey's really good at all things sports related except golf.

Overall it was a really fun day, playing as a team with some members of your ward family. A setting like that really brings out the camaraderie and fun in people, so glad we got to be there and be apart of the WIN!

 photo IMG_2779_zpsf56f693f.jpg
 photo IMG_2778copy_zps77249e35.jpg
 photo IMG_2787_zps79ea28f0.jpg
 photo IMG_2776_zps3cc920a1.jpg
 photo IMG_2786_zpsdd17fab8.jpg
 photo IMG_2772copy_zps96b0a27e.jpg
see my cute pregnant friend in the middle? we switched places this year of being pregnant vs playing.
by the end of the day i wished I was the one pregnant and not having to play ha.
 photo IMG_2770_zpsf74426e2.jpg
I told casey that the plethora of BYU shirts everywhere made me feel very nostalgic at our years at BYU.
but alas, Nebrasaka paraphernalia was everywhere (like on me...)
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 photo IMG_2793_zps9d6070d8.jpg

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