Wednesday, August 21, 2013

our trip to cali: more at the beach

the second half of the week family from utah came in and we spent everyday at the beach.
we love the beach.
it's just so relaxing.
and the sun was out beautifully everyday so there was an extra amount of pretty pictures taken ;)
 photo Aug82013_zpsf44329ed.jpg
 photo Aug820133_zpsc90d8b37.jpg
 photo IMG_1947_zps1840cbdd.jpg
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 photo Aug820132_zpsecdb83a6.jpg
 photo IMG_1915_zps08a52e43.jpg
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 photo Aug820131_zps6a3f688d.jpg
 photo IMG_1913_zpse9b35e34.jpg
 photo Aug112013_zpsb47ea3f8.jpg
 photo Aug1120132_zpse8fde74e.jpg
 photo IMG_2036_zps89760866.jpg
 photo Aug1120134_zpse59ca48e.jpg
 photo IMG_2077_zps2cff81f9.jpg
 photo IMG_2032_zps8f4ac9da.jpg
 photo Aug1120131_zps875e319b.jpg
 photo IMG_2050_zps86be083c.jpg
 photo Aug1120137_zpsa51c7e8a.jpg
 photo Aug1120135_zps1b58b530.jpg
 photo IMG_2040_zpsb48c1567.jpg
 photo Aug1120136_zps8a4107ff.jpg
 photo IMG_2093_zpsc4256ecb.jpg

a few special notes if you're going to the beach with little babes:

*baby powder*
it truly does work wonders on getting sand off any skin area.
it made our baby's bums so much happier when switching from swim diaper to regular diaper when not around a shower

*a baby carrier and stroller*
we are lucky enough to be in walking distance to the beach.
we would haul our stroller down there with all the bags, food, towels, umbrellas, etc in it while i carried maxson on my back in the ergo.
best idea ever.
no ones backs hurt from carrying heavy bags or heavy babies.
and then when maxson needed to nap, we'd just recline the stroller seat, put him in there, and cover him with my favorite nursing cover (more on that later).

*lather sunscreen on before you go to the beach*
we made sure to cover ourselves and maxson before we left our time share when going to the beach.
it made the whole sunscreen experience better plus it was easier:
the sunscreen had time to set on your skin before getting wait.
there was no rush job on applying sunscreen because there was no beach directly in front lulling you to the waves.
no sand was in sight while applying therefore there was no sand in your sunscreen.
it's all around better

*bring grandparents*
ha but no really, bring someone who can help watch your little babe so you too can go have fun with your hubby in the waves and not have to fret about your wee ones the whole time.

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