Tuesday, August 20, 2013

our trip to cali: this and that

a few of the random activities that went on

a bonfire.
all the fire pits we usually use in the area were gone,
so we improvised and made a fire in one of the bbq grills on the beach.
most likely.
satisfied our bonfire wishes?
most definitely.
 photo IMG_1687_zpsba633a71.jpg
 photo IMG_1709_zps43ef790c.jpg
 photo IMG_1700_zpseb60ff9f.jpg

old town sandiego
we did more walking around old town with my family too.
it was fun getting a second chance to take pictures and enjoy the place in nearly the same week
 photo IMG_2012_zps0417d7e8.jpg
 photo IMG_1996_zps212631ad.jpg
 photo IMG_1998_zps838feb9c.jpg
 photo IMG_2006_zps46194fb0.jpg
 photo IMG_1976_zpsb12f8d86.jpg
 photo IMG_1979_zps5ec00e84.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zps3c7424d3.jpg
 photo Aug1120133_zps64f18601.jpg

we visited a cousin of my mom's in the newport area and happened to be there on the sunday.
the ward we visited was more than half visitors, ha.
but everyone was so kind and it felt like automatic ward members.
sunday clothes always bring out the let's-take-family-pictures in you, right?
this was the first half of the week while the arizona family was there.
 photo Aug3201324_zps4f21c320.jpg
 photo Aug3201325_zpsa9be75a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1588_zpsb8d166a4.jpg
 photo IMG_1617_zpsa21b4516.jpg
 photo IMG_1572_zps484e2f6c.jpg

a random dessert night
 photo Aug620131_zpse02559ea.jpg
these boys are 8 months apart and will one day be bff's
 photo IMG_2016_zps9fb905f1.jpg

we have one more section of beach pictures and then the beach part of our vacation will be over


Brooke said...

Ah so much fun! I'm obsessed with old town SD. Maxson looks adorable in every picture of course. And so does your mom's hair. What a bunch of cuties :)

The Blackwelders said...

That black and white picture of you guys at the end is GORGEOUS! Looks like you guys had fun