Sunday, August 25, 2013

a list of 10

1. CASEY PASSED HIS BIG DENTAL EXAM LAST MONTH! it's kinda a big deal so it deserved all caps. i never properly mentioned that big bit of happiness on the blog when it happened, but he did. so proud of that husband, hello year 2 of dental school!

2. the past couple weeks maxson waves hi and goodbye when asked to, now i'm eager whenever we get to and leave events/gatherings just so i can get him to do it. it's so precious. high fives (technically low fives) and kisses are also received when asked, can't believe he's learning the actions that goes along to words!

3. when we got back from our trip casey's bike was stolen. it was so so so sad. a) it was his mission bike b) it had the hitch to the bike trailer we own is on it. i hope whoever stole it really really REALLY needed it and is putting it to good use because we sure are sad (kimber's mad, let's be honest here) about the whole situation

4. it's so fun to be back with friends. we love our all our friends on our street and in our ward, we're so richly blessed here.

5. getting home from our trip meant all maxson's toys are so cool, and new, and interesting again! i love it as does maxson!

and now the weekend:

6. we had the most wonderful night with dental friends last weekend, the most delicious shish kabobs with sweet corn and potato salad, fruity pebble treats, a 15 min watching of the beloved movie spirit, and a hilarious game of buzzword. notes on the game: casey's math skills of keeping track of points in his head are sometimes a little off compared to mine, audrey was the most wonderful reader ever, her baseball sign language in favor of the girls team was at its peak, according to her husband. turtle sampling does not mean you go sample turtles to eat. if tall women want to get married, they shouldn't wear tall heels, according to a tall woman's father that is :) maxson is still pro at balancing on casey's hand,.

7. we played softball from 8-5 on saturday and i am all soft balled out for the year. more on that later!

8. it was a year ago this time that i began meeting all of my now nebraska friends. and from what i learned after reminiscing of our first memories of meeting each other my bright red and pink lipstick is not the best of first impressions i guess? ha, that never crossed my mind.

9. we sure are wondering if maxson is pushing some teeth through because BOY was he crabby and whiney today! and that snotty nose? came out of nowhere and ran all day long, come on little teethers!

10. church was great, as always today. new friends came with us, maxson was quite the wiggle worm during sacrament meeting but friends all around made for easier entertainment, i helped teach the CTR 5 class, maxson and our neighbor's little girl that's about the same age chatted non stop during the 3rd hour together, wish i had been around to see it.

 photo Aug1120138_zps079b082f.jpg

and that's my 10!

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Cherri said...

I would like to hear the comments on the lip stick :)