Thursday, December 20, 2012

more of our first week home

more pictures of our first week home!
(let me tell you how hard it is to keep up on all the TONS of photos i've taken in the past 2 weeks!)
don't get me wrong, i'm always picking up the camera for a "what a cute picture!" moment,
keeping up is a different story.
it's not too often that you have 2 spare hands and when you do, it's nice to eat.
but documenting life (especially these first parts of his life!) are so important to me!

tummy time
super sad to super happy
(not a lover of baths to say the least)
granny helping out
laughing with my mom :)
sleepy time for the both of us.
babies falling asleep on you is the best feeling

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Scottie and Megany said...

love the pics! now you know why its so hard to keep up on a blog. it only gets worse the more kids you have. but knowing you, you'll be great at keeping up! but i have so many pictures that are still waiting to be put on my blog. eventually i will get to it....eventually