Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring break 2013

for spring break, casey and i, yet again, decided to take a long car ride with our new(ish) baby across a few more states to visit some family.
(at 3 1/2 months old he has passed the state lines of arizona, utah, wyoming, nebraska, iowa, illinois, and indiana!)
i'd say our time together revolved around the feeding, sleeping, and caring of babies.
and i genuinely loved it.

there were no expectations.
we really just hung around the house, laughing at the children, putting them down for naps, cleaning up messes, feeding them and ourselves, and sleeping.
we loved every single minute of our time there.

i spy pillow hiders...
 photo IMG_7316_zps4823598a.jpg
food and family: inevitable
 photo IMG_7329_zps42b494f5.jpg
st. patrick's day full of green food!
firstly, green chili.
btw- this little missy is one social eater. she very happily sat in her chair for over an hour each meal time (i swear!) slowly eating her food. cracked me up!
 photo IMG_7307copy_zps519fd65f.jpg
secondly, chicken caesar salad with noodles dyed to be green! (and definitely a new favorite thing: dying noodles! makes it so fun)
 photo IMG_7319_zpsee43db0d.jpg
more greenness all around
 photo IMG_7322_zps5ed0204f.jpg
 photo IMG_7328copy_zps54207e40.jpg
 photo IMG_7325_zpsb83847a1.jpg
mister maxson has suddenly loved grabbing onto all things in front of him, so fun to watch him learn!
and of course cousin loving! jaden was the sweetest to maxson: sharing his very special blanket with him and always trying to give him kisses and be all over him, made us all laugh.
these boys will be bffaeaeae in years to come
 photo IMG_7395copy_zpsac6f538f.jpg
there's a picture in this post of maxson and brielle and my how they both have changed!
now 3 1/2 months and 10 1/2 months.
 photo IMG_7371_zpsae0be228.jpg
 photo IMG_7433copy_zps34e400cc.jpg
 photo IMG_7442_zpsf2d49225.jpg

and lastly, cutler cousins!
jaden did awesome for all these pictures, he was a rockstar cheesing for us.
brielle was a wiggle worm, so funny.
maxson didn't mind at first but after about 30-45 seconds had had enough.
 photo IMG_7483_zpsce8b743d.jpg
 photo IMG_7489_zps2dd6deed.jpg
 photo IMG_7495_zpsddf3ee1c.jpg

my how we loved our time in indiana.
casey has so much fun with his brother, cody, and i have so much fun with my SIL, camille.
and the 4 of us have a ball together having so many things in common.

i'd say that (our first in 4 years!) spring break 2013 was quite the success and mighty well worth the 11 hour drive there and back!
maxson did not agree with the last half of the driving back part of that sentence...ooy.

soon to come: spring break 2013 from the view of a 3 year old who realizes he can ask for your phone and take close to 100 pictures in a matter of minutes!
i'm lucky it's so easy/fast to delete mass amounts of iphone pictures at once.
i will spare you the duplicates (aka 20 pictures) of the 5 different close-up fabric materials he so artistically took :)
but i will share the funny ones!


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Ah, so fun! Now you have to come to ID!!

Cody and Camille said...

Such wonderful times and memories! These pictures are great! Miss you all.