Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the view from 3 feet tall

back to all those pictures that 3 year old took:
(correction: there were probably close to 300, ha, so i'll show you 5%:)
 photo Mar2220131_zps257fe79c.jpg
 photo Mar222013_zps80757e87.jpg
 photo Mar2220132_zps12adc669.jpg
 photo Mar2220133_zpse9fc2907.jpg

and here's a little from my view:
a. indiana's stake basketball tournament casey just had to join for the saturday we were there
b. teaching jaden how to take photos of yourself
c. st. patrick's day sugar cookies
d. the oreo cake makes another appearance! (btw- this cake is better the second day somehow)
 photo Mar2220134_zps3e54a9c3.jpg
a. happy baby
b. eggs from casey's aunt's chickens!
c. loving dangling toys these days
d. happy side lying baby
 photo Mar2220135_zpsf35a3d9e.jpg

and would you look at the difference in these two pictures!
left = roadtrip at 3 1/2 months
right= roadtrip at 2 weeks!
 photo Jan720132_zps2c43d028.jpg


Cody and Camille said...

hahahahaha! Did he catch a picture of you blocking yourself from Max's spitup? Hilarious. That's so fun to see the world from Jaden's point of view. We must be giants in his eyes!

Cherri said...

What a difference in just a short period of time. What a little man!