Thursday, March 28, 2013

nice and slow

life has been nice and slow lately.
we got back from indiana and have been lounging around a lot and i love it.
the weather shows signs of maybe a spring ahead.
today was the first day maxson spent any real time in fresh air!
it was absolutely lovely to take him outside and swing him around without being bundled up in blankets/snowsuits.
i can't wait for summer.
it's the most lovely time of year.
 photo IMG_7502_zps8cd1279c.jpg
casey is continuing to study like a mad man (i've never been so eager for a semester of school to be over in my life).
maxson is sleeping longer stretches at night sometimes which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.
last night we had our first 9 hour sleeping stretch, oh my, that was nice.
but i of course woke up after he'd been sleeping for 8 hours, naturally,
and then couldn't fall back to sleep,
and then i went to make sure he was still breathing,
and then i went to the bathroom,
and still couldn't fall back to sleep,
then went down stairs to pump a little bit to relieve the pressure,
then still couldn't go  back to sleep,
then needed chapstick,
then casey needed tylenol for a throbbing ear infection (at 26????),
then maybe i was about to fall back to sleep,
and maxson wakes up.
30 minutes later, after he's full and asleep, we continue our slumber until morning.
and somehow i was still tired even after all that sleep?
i've been kinda lazy myself lately, just going from nap to nap without much of a schedule.

we've been baby wearing lots around here.
maxson is perfectly content and happy with whatever activity i'm doing while he's in the moby.
(sitting down doing nothing doesn't count as an activity to him... what?)
it's been a lot of fun.
we dance,
do dishes,
pick up the house,
make dinner,
distract watch daddy while he studies,
ya know, mom/wife/house stuff
but we love that moby.
even casey has joined in on it a time or two.

and big announcement
people, that's a big deal!
you know how i pick the teams? 
rankings? well yes of course i keep those in consideration.
but beyond that i pick the winner based off a bunch of whims.
arizona, california, and utah teams usually are almost always chosen in my brackets.
western states almost always beat all other states.
isn't kansas like always good at basketball?
michigan has gangsters, they usually win too.
sometimes teams just have names that sound like winning teams: butler, duke, marquette, harvard, etc.
if i've never heard of a team before they won't ever get chosen no matter what their ranking (FGCU? whichita? la salle? who are these teams?)

back to maxson,
we've been getting more big laughs lately doing the most random stuff!
and once we can tell he's laughing at us we keep doing it over and over and over and over to get replay action on that sound.
babies laughing=happiest moment of my days 


Melissa said...

Ellie's sleep schedule that she fell into naturally is bed around 9-9:30 and up around 5-5:30. Eats and back to sleep until 7-7:30. And you're right, the longer they sleep the more the boobs hurt! I pumped it all out this morning and fed her the bottle. There have also been a few times I've woken up before her-it is kinda scary.

Shane and Clara said...

AWH!!....the days of only one baby/child and just sleeping/napping whenever! Oh, if I could just take a nap or better yet....if my kids took multiple naps so I could too....That would be awesome! ENjoy these days will never be the same. They are wonderful days and the next days/stages will be different and wonderful too!
I still work in a little nap ;)!