Monday, March 11, 2013

this and that

the other day i was talking to my brother (who does not yet have children),
and he asked "so what do you do all day?"
i answered " with maxson?"
ha it's true, i feel like that the majority of my day,
but i love it and find so much joy in it!
he's "awake" for 9ish hours of a 24 hour period, but about 3 1/2 of those hours he's eating so not really interacting much,
which leaves a mere 5 1/2 hours!
that's really not that much time,
so what time he is awake i genuinely want to play with him.
 photo IMG_2424_zps7e38919b.jpg
 photo Feb282013_zps74986fe7.jpg
and casey is such a great dad. the past few weeks have been brutal for dental school, BRUTAL i tell you! it's hard test after hard test after hard test. class always starts at 8 this semester. and because there's been so many tests he truly IS studying all the time. last semester and january of this year were nothing like february and march have been. i'm so impressed how much time he spends studying because it's exhausting just for me to watch the poor guy sit and look at notes for that long. but he's such a dedicated husband and father and student so he studies at the kitchen table which makes life so much better. i make a very conscious effort trying not to distract him too much while he's home, so then he's able to take breaks and play with maxson all throughout the evening when maxson is in an extra happy mood, or if i really need help calming him for some reason, or just to give mama a 10 minute break from mommy hood, or to hold him of from eating for 10 extra minutes while i finish dinner or working out, or even to ask, hey will you take a picture? we are SO READY for spring break. (that's right cougars, we ACTUALLY get a spring break, yeeha!) but, oh wait. he has a test that monday we get back from break, blahhhhhhhhhh. so in summary, casey ROCKS at being a student and husband and father these days. love him to death.
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here's a few randoms from recently:
a. we invite a bunch of friends to come to yogurtini to take over half the place, great fun, great fun i tell you.
b. casey relaxing while maxson plays with grabs his hair
c. friends with children=wonderful women in my life
d. ward chili party with friends.
 photo Mar82013_zpsfb27a0f7.jpg

i've seen those polka dots pants around the internet over the past 6 monthish and think it's such a fun trend.
so playful, bold, and cute!
a few friends and myself got together and made some of our own,
we all used different methods and i think they all turned out so awesome.
i kinda want to do another pair, but know it's not necessary, ha
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what do we have forward to look to for the next week?
60 degrees by the end of the week?
don't really believe that since we pretty much had a blizzard on sunday!
other than that my agenda is pretty open...ha :)


Shane and Clara said...

Yep, playing all day LONG is the best! We have the best job, huh! ;)

Also, I wanted to see the Maxson belly laugh but it said it was broken when I clicked play.

Brooke said...

I'm so mad I didn't get to see him (and you guys, I GUESS...) while you were in AZ over break. HE IS SO CUTE, IT KILLS ME!