Thursday, March 14, 2013

snow day

so last sunday we had quite the large snow storm blow in to lincoln.
sunday morning we woke up to about 3ish inches of snow and it kept falling all day long.
it was quite the cozy sunday lounging in our home watching the flakes drift down and down and down.
actually those poor flakes were blown every which way direction with all the wind,
but we can still say it was a pretty snow day.

i braved the cold monday to get a few pictures
 photo IMG_7243_zpsdcf814de.jpg
 photo IMG_7241copy_zpsed56e00a.jpg
 photo IMG_7239copy_zps45d80dbb.jpg
 photo IMG_7235copy_zps43e52e56.jpg
 photo IMG_7234_zps52b2bc0f.jpg


Melissa said...

Woooweee! Ya so Idaho is 60s-70s this week. 50 and rainy on Sunday. I think it's a little above average temp for this time of year, but feels good. Plus it's Boise, so we are always a little warmer than the rest of Idaho, like Rexburg. The tummy time picture was pretty cold! But I did it as fast as possible. :)

sam&charlie said...

sounds like you're due for a tropical vacay ;)

p.s. i've nominated you for the Liebster Award! go to my blog and play along if you'd like!