Friday, June 3, 2011

peacocks, dogs, and blankets

today's run consisted of the 2 following events.
ONE. an incredibly huge peacock in someone's little barn by the road!
seriously, coolest thing ever i have seen here in indiana next to fireflies.
the peacock was huge! and vibrantly colored! seeing it just once more alone will encourage me to go running that much more.
TWO. my new friend named buddy.
it's the only dog i've run by that barks at me happily.
so now at the end of my runs i stop by buddy's yard and we play for awhile. (his owners said i could:)
he loves me.
i love him.

and then i just wanted to randomly add a picture of this little blanket i've been working on.
crocheting the edges of baby blankets is a nice and cute activity i do to pass the time.
keeps my hands busy.
and actually has a purpose other than just looking cute.
1 blanket down. a few more to go.

1 comment:

Cherri said...

You have to try some dog bisquets for the dogs who aren't friends..... remember.