Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a visit with family

this last sunday we had the chance to get together with casey's uncle and aunt, danny and monique, along with all their fun boys!
we really did have a blast!

they have a beuatiful home with such an awesome backyard for entertainment!
activities consisted of:
homemade pizza cooked in a homemade brick oven
{that experience has most definitely made me want my own brick oven at my house, it tasted incredible!}
lots of chatting
oohing and ahhing over all their awesome pets
some great cake in honor of the indie 500
boys being boys and playing in the yard (boys as in ages of 10-25:)
glow in the dark sticks

and lastly, my favorite part,
real fireflies! i've never seen fireflies before and they were just magical!
i can't wait to see more of them this summer!





we all had such a blast over there for hours,
it was so nice to be around family who you can automatically connect with.
can't wait to get together with them again!


Cherri said...

Aren't fire flies the COOLEST. The first and only time I have ever seen them was back when I was 16 and in the East like you. I should like some out here!

Shane and Clara said...

Fire Flies are so cool indeed. My kids are excited to see them again this year in our backyard.
And that pizza sounds YUMO!