Thursday, June 23, 2011

so how old are you?

fact: i'm married
fact: i've been married a year and a half
fact: i'm 20 (although sometimes i may fib and say i'm 21:)
this is probably the first environment i've been around that looks at me strangely bc i'm so young and married but i don't have any kids, gasp! it's far more acceptable and reasonable around here to have kids at my age, but not be married, what's up with that? 

probably half or more of the girls i work with at kohl's have kids, and these girls are pretty much my age and not married! crazy! so in our conversations something will come up about "my husband..." and in awe they say "you're married!? how old are you?" those are the literal words that come out of their mouth everytime, ha. i've heard of plenty experiences like these where when you come out to the east, everyone is just flabbergasted that such a "young, pretty girl" would be married!

i love being married. i absolutely love it. there's one person in this world who cares about all the details of my life each day and doesn't get bored of me sharing them. and there's one person in this world that i know so many things about and i learn of his day everyday and how it went. we are literally best friends. it is just such a blast to be together and share so many things together! everyone should get married i say :)

i am so happy i married as young as i was, there's that many more fun things we can share together! like seriously, how many couples get to go skydiving together? or college together (ok, maybe lots there, but we have literally been in each other's lives since the 2nd day we came to BYU). i'm so happy we get such a long time to be together, just he and i, at this young age, while being married. this time is literally priceless together.

i'll be sad the day we leave provo bc provo is literally our home, it will have been our home together for nearly 4 years! provo will hold a special place in my heart forever. and whenever i drive into that wasatch valley, i will feel like i'm coming home.

so in conclusion, those indianans who think i'm crazy for getting married so young, i smirk and think to myself "you don't know what you're missing out on"


Cody and Camille said...

AMEN SISTA! I know exactly how you feel. Went through the same thing with all those crazies at Macy's our first summer married. They couldn't get over the fact that we were both young, no kids, and hadn't even known each other a whole year yet! It's true... they haven't a clue what they're missing!

Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better Kimber! One day maybe they'll understand :) I couldn't imagine not having my best friend with me forever!

Tori said...

awe kimber! this post literally put a smile on my face! hopefully someday i will get to marry my best friend... i just gotta find him first :)

Cherri said...

Love life and learning.... living the RS motto you are! It makes me happy that you are so happy!