Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day!

dear casey:
i love you.
one day in the long away future, you will be a real dad (not a wooden one).
and then i can post cute pictures of you and our kids!
until then, we will show a picture of how you've always been preparing to be a daddy,
i.e.: mowing the lawn in your super cool mario slippers at age 3 :)
man, 1989 treated you well sweetie!

dear daddy,
like i said, 
2 posts. 1 week. both about you. you lucky man you :)
truly you are wonderful.
whenever we did things together, you had this way of making everything so special.
you taught us how to ride motorcycles and now all us kids think we're so awesome bc most people just ride quads but we're super cool snobs and think bikes are better. wow. we're cool.
did you know that sometimes i would purposely fall asleep on the couch bc i knew you'd carry me back to my bed at like any age and then i felt like a princess in a movie being carried away.
this is my third father's day away from you, boo! hopefully sooner rather than later i can celebrate right next to you again!
and sorry if my card got to you late, i promise i've had it for like 2 weeks and never sent it!
love you so much daddy!
have a wonderful day!

lastly, to my father in law,
thanks for raising casey.
he has so many of your great qualities!
and let's face it, you had a pretty sweet mustache back in the day.

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Cherri said...

:) very nice :)