Thursday, June 30, 2011

A time off for the Wife!

                     So since Kimber always has to do the blog updates I figured it would be nice to give her a break for one post although she will probably post again after me anyways and I am ok with that. My family just came into town Tuesday night and we have had bunches of fun some while Kimber is working and I feel bad that she isn't with us all the time so maybe that is partially a reason why I am doing this post because I want her to know that she is not forgotten! Yesterday we kind of toured around Cody's Dental school and possibly a place where we will end up next year as well. We went out to eat at a cute Cafe and walked along the canal in downtown Indianapolis. The food has been great and the company even better. I'm going to cover more of today since Kimber had to miss the morning time so here are a few pictures that we took. We went and played tennis and surprisingly my mom and dad smoked Cody and I in a 6 game set of Tennis. I really am not that great at this sport haha maybe that is why Kimber wants to start playing because she could probably smoke me most of the time. Jaden, our nephew loves the pool so we set up a little play pool in the back yard and I couldn't resist since I haven't gone swimming yet since being in Indiana. So we played with the slide into the pool I kinda just hung out. That was basically what we did today and Kimber really was missed. Jaden would always ask for Ber ber even though he is pretty fascinated with all the grandmas and grammies (a little inside joke). Well Kimber your Awesome and you are loved for what you do to make the Cutler family work sometimes even if it is making money while some of us play. Love you! 
Jaden's gotta eat some food!

I got the splash right in the face!

This pool shouldn't be able to fit us should it haha

We got Thrashed

Had to teach Jaden Sumo Wrestling sometime!


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

How fun! Wish we could be there too:)

Casey said...

It would be fun Kimber and I are planning on coming over there sometime in August before we head back west and maybe on our way back as well. We will keep you posted