Monday, June 13, 2011

a little bit of june.

top moments of the last 7 daysish.
1. casey took his big test! wahoo! he's done studying and we are so happy with the results!  
go casey!!!
2. went to applebee's after his test to celebrate being done with studying and relax.
3. we watched the movie CARS k, we love that movie! so cute!
4.  we went and saw pirates 4! (in 3D, boo). but it was still a great movie, they're so clever!
5. we made lots of yummy cookies.
6. we went to buffalo wild wings in honor of casey's pre-testing dinner.
7. we've been playing outside a little bit in the sun. i love the sun so much!
8. we've been playing with chalk outside too!
9. we got to teach the sunbeams on sunday. we kinda love this calling!
10. i got a summer job at kohl's! whoopie! the manager of the store is in our ward and was very kind :)
11.we laid on the bed the other day in the middle of the afternoon and played scrabble on our phones against each other for 45 minutes. bliss.
12. we've been doing our hair curly lately with this tutorial and really like it!
i love being able to get my hair curly without having to use heat on it.
(dear woodruff SIL's, you're not welcome for showing you that video)
13-16. continuing to play with buddy, having yummy tacos, saw someone's beautiful kitchen and envied it immensely, another picture of the cookies we made.
17. and for all 1 of you cross country girls that read this blog, i've started doing 4 corners again. pretty much my whole work out for the day is 2-3 rounds of 4 corners and i'm hurting. ha, wowsers.

overall it's been a great week.


curtis and jacque dana said...

Kimber! First off, I lOVE your outfits=adorable!!! Secondly, I'm totally going to try that hair tutorial...thanks for posting it I'm way excited(:

Sarah said...

You are so cute. Seriously I just die when I look at your blog because it's SOOOOOO CUTE! Plus I love your outfit with the red striped shirt and skirt.

Jacie Saltzman said...

yes. i must try hair tutorial. that would be one magical day if that worked with my hair.

Blair said...

How come you haven't posted a picture of your vintage curly hair from the video??