Saturday, January 8, 2011

cruise part 4: christmas cruise festivities

last, but certainly i want to share a little about our christmas on the cruise!
this cruise was the cutlers very generous christmas gift to the family and we were so ecstatic when we found out!
so we tried to make a very memorable christmas day!
it seemed like all day long though we had to keep reminding ourselves it was christmas day!

we went on a little walk around the ship trying to find the bow of this ship, but alast, we failed.
we did get close to the water!
we also went to a little christmas show and saw cute treyson in it!
treyson is on the very left

for christmas eve we read a cute christmas story while the kids were still awake and the story of Christ's birth in Luke 2. it was a wonderful activity and reminded us of the reason we were all together and of the most beautiful gift any of has received: our Savior who provided us the atonement so we can return to Him.
when mom c. was with us, she read us a christmas book as well

after the kiddies went to bed we went to the fancy dinner together (which was hilarious thanks to too much alejandro, our server),
took some super cheesy/cute pictures,

danced a little to live music (we actually did this many times while on board which was a blast! and casey got to actually use his awesome cha cha skills which impressed many of our onlookers! it's seriously so much fun to dance with him!)
 also, on christmas day the kitchen made some totally awesome food art for everyone!
these were our favorites:
the santa and words are a watermelon!

and lastly on christmas day, we watched a beautiful sunset together and tried burning that moment into our minds :)
it truly was a wonderful christmas with the cutlers!
thanks again family for the great memories!


Jacie Saltzman said...

certainly a christmas that you will never forget because of how unique it was. what a great experience!!

Cody and Camille said...

Playing blog catch up here. Lovin' your snow hats in the last post... so cute! My favorite is the collage after the pic of all of us at dinner. Cody's face kills me in that pic of Tay. hahaha

Allie said...

The Christmas cruise looks soo fun! I love the picture of you guys dancing- so cute! Thanks for the birthday wish the other day. Love you girl!