Tuesday, January 25, 2011

talky talky, walky walky

so here are a few more details of what has been going on lately:

1) back when we were in wyoming we found some awesome pics of casey and family
example a:
 casey's mum was Miss Siskyou in 1980! (her county in cali)
 and while looking aroundwe found the original sash :)
i made her put it on.
she complied.
we had casey jump in the pic :)
thanks nan!

example b:
"casey may 1988. decided to eat the marking pens"
yep, that be my hubby :)

2. we got to hang out with one of my cousins, kammy and her husband, rob!
we had a lot of fun catching up together, playing games, eating, and playing wii.

3. we are watching the state of the union address right now (i feel so adult!)
but all i hear is too much clapping!

4. we went to a ward party the other nigh and it was an absolute blast!
we have some totally awesome people in our ward, we love it.
they had it a mansion up in a canyon (far, far away, in a snow storm) that BYU owns.
we played games, basketball, human foosball, and of course, ate yummy food.
such fun :)

5. casey's cousin, brooke, shared this link on facebook and i thought it's quite intersting.
it's an article how a lot of women (many not LDS) are completely attracted and in love with looking at "the mormon mommy blogs".
i like looking at them bc i can relate, that truly is what i hope to have: a family with casey where we can find joy in our kids, our marriage, and in out everyday lives.
it is funny how "crafting", "thrifting", and all other things "homemaking" have become a very popular trend lately, i am so glad they are.
but to me, that's how i've always grown up though. 
i remember always going to the 2nd hand store to go shopping, ha, and i remember it almost being embarrassing. no, we didn't have to shop there, but my mom understood you can get great things there for great prices, and with 5 kids, why not? so when people go "thrifting", that's always been normal shopping for me. being a "homemaker" is one of the most wonderful things i think you can do on this earth as a woman, truly. teaching your children, watching them grow, caring for family, and being able to serve others with pure love. so i'm happy that these "mormon mommy blogs" have become so popular bc i think it shows society that marriage and family can be one of the most wonderful things to experience here in mortality. so, keep blogging friends, mormon, and non-mormon :)

if you don't agree (or didn't read) my 2 cents, it's totally fine :)


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

I love those pics of Mama C. Priceless. Also do you remember Trey's artwork when we got into the markers? TOO FUNNY! I also read that article as well...too cool! Thanks for the the post. Love ya

Cody and Camille said...

I totally expected this post to be about some crazy funny photographer man on the cruise ship that kept saying "walky walky talky talky." That is such a cute picture of Casey! He's so big and only 15 months!

Cherri said...

Being the Mom..... it's the BEST!