Friday, January 7, 2011

cruise part 3: the kiddlings

so, if you haven't gathered from the previous,
we really did have a blast on the cruise
the only change we would have made would be being able to have the parents and karlee with us.

our cruise experience was much affected by the cute kids we had with us
pretty much all it being wonderful (with only a few minor exceptions:)

so all these pictures will be boring to everyone else but there were so many cute pics of the 3 little boys we got to play with for a whole week.
we truly loved being with them and were glad they were there with us!

so here's a tribute to the little boys on the trip
Treyson. 3 years. awesome monkey leash boy with lots of energy.
Porter. 1 year. adorable and happy almost all the time (the smallest of the batch)
Jaden. 1 year. hilarious in so many ways. blonde one. yes he really is 1 even though he wears 24 month clothes :)

we love these little boys!
thanks c&c cutler and c&k price for having your little ones with us on the cruise!
they added that extra element of fun and reminded us that we are thankful we don't have kids yet :)


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

LOL, I loved your last sentence! It was fun having them but some moments on the Cruise I wish we had left them behind...LOL! I love that Pic of Mom and Porter, its Priceless!

Cody and Camille said...

How could I not love and adore this post?!? Oh those cute little munchkins. Vacations are nice when it's just the adults, but we probably would have ended up thinking about Jaden 99% of the time anyway!:) Ha!

p.s. Jaden seriously loves you guys! I've never seen him warm up to someone so quick and beg for them anytime thet come in eye shot. Pretty sure he's going to be in heaven this summer:)