Tuesday, January 4, 2011

cruise part 2: 4 days at sea

so with 4 days at sea, we got to know our ship pretty well :)
here are some of the activities that went on!

it was a cruise...so we sure did eat a lot (at least on the days that we felt good:)
it was nice of having so much fresh fruit available!
 better than just the food, there was endless ice cream and yummy hot chocolate :)
we all took great advantage of it

if you've ever experienced a cruise, you'll know that they are known for always putting way cool towel creations in your room at night.
it was always exciting to find a new one in our room, here are a few!

we played a little mini golf on the top of the ship too in the midst of high winds!
it was crazy to think we were mini golfing, randomly, in the middle of the ocean!
casey finally beat me! he was happy :)
and we played a little shuffle board
 we went to the fancy restaurant a few times with everyone for some fancy food
as well as some jacuzzi time while watching big screen football
 as usual, we tried playing lots of games with one another:
credit card monopoly (which casey whooped everyone in with his yellow properties),
card games, phase 10, catch phrase, and things :)

there were also a few days where we layed out on the ship and only got a teensy bit burned :)
apart from the pool and jacuzzi's, we did go down the slide.

last but not least we tried going to a bunch of the shows they offered:
sing/dance shows, comedy shows, christmas shows, and game shows etc
we really enjoyed a bunch of them! (especially the family comedy shows we went to:)

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Shane and Clara said...

your cruise looks like so much fun was had....even through sickness. NO FUN. Your excursions look awesome! We went on a cruise a few years back and it was sooo much FUN...and we got sick too the last 2 days of our 7. Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!