Sunday, January 16, 2011

we're in wyoming this weekend.

downeast basics.
rock springs, WY.
sunglasses on sale for $0.91, usually $12.
don't mind if i do!

16 pairs later...
although some look the same, or plain white/black, they're not,  they are different and fun :)

casey's sister karlee, found a pair of heart shaped ones for herself!

for today's sunday we video chatted for awhile with the cutler siblings in iowa and indiana!

and some other randoms of the day include:
the picture wall,
banana bread,
and a new dress.


Scottie and Megany said...

i love you guys! the pictures with the sunglasses were great!

Nicole said...

i love that you bought 12 pairs! That's great!

Cherri said...

I love the purple shirt.... or is that a dress?.... so does this mean you don't have to buy glasses for the next 16 years?

Cherri said...

If you ever have to wear reading glasses.... uh... you better choose contacts... cuz ... dang....