Tuesday, October 19, 2010


yes, that is correct.
me and mi madre hiked to the top of mt timpanogas a few weeks ago.
8.3 miles to the summit at 11,750 ft we were 2 proud girls.

one of my mom's goals this year, along with sky diving (which i shall be doing that with her too:) was to hike mt timp to prove that she's still awesome!
originally, a lot of us wanted to hike with her, one by one we all dropped out for multiple reasons until no one was going to be able to hike with her.
and that determined woman said she was going to hike it by herself still!
give me a break mother.
kirk called me, told me i had to do it with her somehow, so i got my work shift covered and didn't go to my grounds crew volunteer hours that week and went hiking with her!

rising at 4:45 in the morning, we were on the trail by 6!
the first hour or so was in the dark and quite chilly too!
the next 6 hours consisted of us climbing up that stinking mountain.
lots of talking.
lots of crazy mountain goats.
lots of trees.
lots of boulders (in 1 section:).
lots of people passing us.
lots of gorgeous views.
lots of beautiful colors.
lots of mountain goats.
lots of up hill mostly.
and then lots of too much downhill
we went slow but we enjoyed it and had a good time bonding together :)

 if you are a byu student and haven't hiked timp, you should, it's one of those cool things you can say you've done.
if you've lived in utah your whole life and have never hiked timp, shame on you :) do it, you'll love that mountain so much more after seeing the view from the top.
if you don't live in utah but visit often, plan a time to do it, you'll love it (after the fact:)
if you have horrible knee problems (cough cough you know who), don't hike it, you'll be miserable.

ps- we saw a man who ran to the top and down in probably 3 hours or less, disgusting.
then he said he was going to bring his family up to hike it with him the next day, gross
we also saw an 80 year old man hiking it by himself, props grandpa, props.

pps- we hiked up from the AG side just fyi


AN Petersen said...

Way to go kimber and sister woodruff! you guys are awesome. Oh and kirk is awesome for making you do it. :) ha ha. It looks like a beautiful hike, im not sure i could get my out of shape body up that thing. maybe someday i will try.

Cody and Camille said...

Impressive! I've never even thought of climbing that baby and yes, I grew up in Utah!!! (shame, shame) Way to go girls!:)

Shane and Clara said...

YOU GO GIRLS!!! It looks beautiful and I'm sure it felt so rewarding to make it to the top.

Brooke said...

was that cough cough directed towards me? because if it was, i just laughed pretty hard haha.

Cherri said...

It was the best Kimber.....thanks for going with me. Now you have to take Casey up..... Some day. :D