Wednesday, October 6, 2010

so...conference weekend really was spectacular.
we watched the 1st session with my SIL megan and my mom
2nd session with my bro weston's family and cute lil abby
casey went to priesthood (3rd session) with mis hermanos (my brothers) and then followed it with in-n-out
i was able to play with my mom and megan [amanda and abby couldn't come:( dumb] and the 3 of us went to a fun little sub shop in springville btw- megan is getting SUPER preggo!

mom and i reminisced about the fun little things we did during all those priesthood session when it was just us:
going to the dollar store and getting to pick anything i wanted, going on the merry-go-round, picking out any movie i wanted at the blockbuster (usually a barbie one:), grabbing something yummy to eat (going out to eat was a BIG deal growing up). later down the road it turned into subway trips, deseret book parties (it's like 15% in the whole store with treats to eat:), and other fun little things. it really was so fun! i hope to do the same fun little things with my girls someday (and maybe have lots of SIL's to come along for the ride!)

4th session was listened to in the car as we drove to logan to be with casey's family!
all of casey's dad's siblings and their kids got together and had fun eating, talking, laughing, and catching up!
5th session was watched there with all the family too :)

my favorite quote was from elder uchtdorf via leonardo da vinci
"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
simply beautiful huh?
i really was so excited for all the speakers.
cnoference is a special time for us to be together and just listen to prophet's voice along with other great general authorities.
so inspiring,
and pure wonderful

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