Thursday, October 21, 2010

a saturday in october

we had quite a fun saturday.
it started with sleeping in way too long- which is always a wonderful feeling when you can do it together.
casey then made some scrambled eggs for us while i made some treats.
not too long after our late breakfast we got together with cousins for a fun little lunch.
i just love getting together with family, practically any excuse and i'm there.
we had lots of yummy food, lots of cute kids to entertain us, lots of catching up on all the families as well as the families that weren't there that we learned about.
casey is like the pied piper- i swear kids flock to him and he genuinely enjoys playing with them, it's always so fun to watch him!

and of course a little bit of the byu game.
we listened to the first half up to the last 5 minute on the radio with everyone and it seemed kinda good!
then we got in the car to go home and it went downhill from there, poor cougars.
after listening to the rest of the game we then cleaned a little bit,
went to home depot for part of a project i'm doing,
picked up crazy bread at little caesar's,
picked out pumpkins at macey's,
and then for casey's most favorite activity we've done probably since before we were married:
Nickle City.
to say casey was in heaven is an understatement.
for a date, we were going to play all types of video games and stuff.
casey went a long time ago on a date and had always wanted us to go, but it'd never worked out.
finally, he called it a date, invited another couple (the roy's), and suddenly i was willing to go
gaming isn't my thing- i'm close to being an anti-gaming person in fact.
it in fact was pretty fun, and it was fun to watch casey and how happy he was playing all these games for nickles.
i was done after an hours or 2, casey could have stayed all day long :)
after Nickle City, we went back to our place to play the wii game just dance  and picked up ice cream cones from mcdonald's for the heck of it.

it was a really fun saturday that i can assuredly say that we both had a great time doing all of it.

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The McCorristin's said...

I wish Ryan and I could have gone to the cousin thing, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!