Tuesday, October 5, 2010

brick oven lovin with the 4

amy came to town with 1, 2, 3 TIM!
so the 4 of us girls got together and a blast together, like always!
i just love these 4.
i will give a brief history of the 4 of us bc i want to :)

kimber and nicole became friends junior year in a death english class that we hated and secretly learned a lot in.
nicole and brooke have been bff's since the beginning of time.
brooke moved to the south (aka georgia and somewhere else in jr high). lamo. but they sayed in contact. coolio.
kimber and amy met beginning of kimber moving to non-mormon territory, aka red mountain, at girl's camp.
we became friends but never really loved each other til...juniorish/senior year when we started working with best buddies and the special ed classes in high school.
senior year came, brooke moved back to AZ, nicole cared for her like a puppy who lost their way and introduced her to us. 
nicole also worked with some of the special ed kids, brooke joined the team and from there we went full force best buddy officers, parties, besties, weekend warriors, etc etc
we did a lot together senior year and talk about it ALL the time bc we loved it so much :)
along the way we picked up friends like gigs, TIM, max, colton, aaron, matt, markus, mandy, chisum, best buddy advisors, janessa, and so many others i'm probably forgetting...
let's just say senior year was epically awesome.

so now, we make big efforts to get together if and when everyone is around.
it's the best.
we all have...loud personalities and it just works great together

ps- tim and casey are very nice to put up with 4 of us.
we were actually talking and saying how they fit in great to our group of loudness

that night we went to brick oven and had the yummiest yummies 
and after went to our place and played just dance.
it too was freaking hilarious :)
but there are NO flattering pics of that to post haha

and this:
was our recreation of this:

glad we got together ladies :)


Cody and Camille said...

You cuties! Girlfriends are the best!

Brooke said...

This post just made me so happy :) I love you Kimber! What a great weekend!

Nicole said...

it's about time this blogging love post went up :)
I am in love with all of you.